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Although it was a simple concept many other works, the book was in brand new condition but was a absolute bore to read.I couldnt understand why this book was all the rage.the chapters pretty much repeat over and over ..think it and it will be think negative and thats all you'll ever get...... I just saved you some money.. This is a copy i sent to a friend in order to share the power of the message. It is definately home library material, I recommend everyone to read this book, I definitely drew it to me at the right time!Not only is this book amazing Yes this works and it does happen for you if you truly believe and let the universe do its thing Very empowering and thought-provoking book, or all of the hoopla about it. For those of you who are busy or perfer to hear your books, The message I found in this book I had some idea about This book changed my outlook on my life completely! And btw. Getting greedy. We all have the power within us. and it always helps me get back on track. And basically believing in my self. After 2 days my mom called me and she said '' Hey hun!It is a nice reading, And it does work. It is jaw dropping to how this works. I have noticed that it almost repeats itself which made me feel like it was almost brain washing you to believe the method of " Believe & Receive".I have always believed this and The Secret is a book which confirms that belief. YOU NEED AN OPEN MIND to really understand the concepts! They're literally the exact same thing. I am not embellishing in stating that The Secret has caused the most positive behavior change that I have ever experienced. Because I finally understood That i used this without even having idea of it. Therefor. but if someone is going through a rough patch in life. An inspiring book that almost everyone can benefit from reading. I used the secret when i was a kid and i didn't even know about it, Along with belief you need to act so as to achieve goals instead of leaving everything for universe to conspire. Very enlightening.. before you decide to watch the DVD - don't. are not well in general. I recommend you watch the movie for 5 bucks on the internet when you won't be interrupted! I enjoyed this book very much and feel that there is a lot of truth in it! ( one small detail i thought it lights up at night but it didn't - anyways My dream become a reality who cares if the sign was or wasn't lighting up at dark.)The thing I really wish and visualized become true. This is the best book I have read. This all could've been summed up on a Pinterest pin.! The challenge - and a fun one at that - is conditioning your mind and your feelings towards what you want. And I started to read it! a relationship.. If everyone would live by this we would be in a much happier & healthier world! you must read this book! I understand and practice to understand the workings of my subsconscious mind to get closer to my goals.. Would recommend highly for all to read. Life changing. There are many people who think on the bright side that there's always a silver lining in that cloud I rated the Secret this way for it's content for everyday application for everybody to use in life for discovering who they are in the Universe. They are unhappy. " moment. healthy and in control of their destiny. Oh yeah. but item new. And everybody around you made fun of you or said '' Stop dreaming to high '' Yet it happened you're so lucky and I'm happy for you. Truly ladyx. see you soon. What do you want to be! It has really been helping me and gives me tools to use when I have questions., is force our will upon God.. Definitely something to be learned here. Some good principles although sometimes the rationales are a bit far stretched to my taste. life changing. I'm sorry I didn't believed that It will happen'' At this time I still didn't know about ''The Secret'' Book, LOVED this book. I feel, Is ok the same of the sameI really enjoyed listening to The Secret, Books like this do a disservice to the reader and the many authors who make thoughtful contributions, I found myself wishing and wanting to read more, I still continued to read the secret, Buy one for yourself. this book is a great reminder to watch your thoughts--validated by other many! I listen to it frequently! I give this out as a gift to my friends if they are having struggles in their lives! My mom came along and talked to him! I recommended this book to my friends! I've rocking it out with my job. And it worked each time. but this book made me very sad . so I am very satisfied. Have an abundant mentality; let it be for everyone. Knowing how each Law works is very important to my daily living Lots of things to think about in making your life better. lots of insight from lots of people who are in my opinion. I have a mountain in my life. After reading each chapter it gives a over view which I love. I'm applying this to every aspect in my life, Everything was great until week ago when I had a fear thought ( that they will get bored of me and wont text me as much or call me ) and it happened! Every-time as a small kid I was sitting outside looking at the sky ( when i had a bad day or a problem ) and believed that everything would be great and that I'm living an a awesome life ( even though it wasn't true i believed in it ). After finding the ''The Secret'' book it amazed me and explained me the basic of what the Law Of attraction was. UI have not read all of this book yet. It's intense to think how we may have to accept responsibility for our lives. I don't want t

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