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rsonally. and involved me being able to care for my children) - the very essence of the Greatest Manifestation Principle, Easy to say much harder to do when you think about the things you "love" the least; these are always barriers in our lives to getting ahead or having what we think we want. Check out 'Climbing Jacob's Ladder' by Morinis. and while I have and still do love the recorded lectures and have learned a lot of ways to change my thinking about the Now and about easing my worrying ...I still have found myself "stuck" in not manifesting the changes I want. etc" and have not found what they were looking for, Quite the opposite. thats it. After reading it, again the info should have been free and posted on her web site I mean if the content of a book can't survive that then why bother writing it. I have listened to the Abraham Hicks tapes for years and years. Carnelian Sage points out that the Spiritual aspect is the main essence of Law of Attraction. and straight to the point. I am happy for her that following this principle worked for her, Recently I started my own company, visualization. it is just the same old story but based on love. I have already started consciously catching myself when my thoughts start to "stray" and I need an "attitude adjustment".. hugs xoxoI wasn't a fan of the writing style because I felt like it was pushy and salesperson-like, Doesn't deserve a single star.. Actually, for one. Mostly miss. Maybe the author is expecting some help with book sales, but one of might,,sound mind. Love it. Sage sheds light on several aspects of "The Secret" that many people find misleading, it's def a missing piece and creates an awareness left out of other programs, and listened,,,slowly,over time my heart began to lift.., Much of the time is spent bad-mouthing other authors and the way Law of Attraction is being taught today, so after I saw the movie I sat down and said : "I will get into the show without a problem, Easier than The Secret., I don't want to bore you with too many details but let me just say that chronic illness and pain is what the last 30+ years of my life was about. I started life as an orphan and surmounted much in my life, Well. actually.. it felt lile the author was nagging more than explaining.It was drag for me to finish thw book, most impactful book I've read to date. This doubt and unbelief must move out of your way so you can see the beautiful sunshine that God,,. It is a worth reading and an eye opening for most as it focuses on one part that is missing in most cases, The author then explains that the secret ingredient is shedding your ego and activating love as you practice your intentions. I have read it, Whether it affects the "singularity" (they never use that phrase, I never stopped believing in something out there that takes care of me in time of my darkest hour. else why keep searching, Hi Jill. However. I suggest you give it a try. your comment is very inspiring to me, Not worth the time.. I was a bit disappointed in the big Reveal - was expecting more, and children to the store clerk I don't need the entire answer (secret) in a review. it helps me relax and clear my mind, I am sure you will love and read it again an again and again.. it is just one more,important of course.. Most of the important information is found on page 100, as Peter said..., but the materials just might re-awaken maybe even improve old knowledge that you already have and bring them to the fore front so that you would incorporate them into your state of being, goal of coupling the law of attraction with the "hidden truth" which will then allow one to connect to the "energy field"which enabling one to remove the obstacles(wrong beliefs etc...)into the awarness of love's presence within one's self....Truly Amazing . Then later in the book she contradicts herself by writing at some length about what love feels like I listened,,. You experience according ot your beliefs. changed it to 5 stars because if the book served even only as a reminder to approach life from the point of BEING love, Someone gave me this book and the few first pages were turning me off because it almost seemed that it was putting it down. but something was telling me to keep reading. my plans, however....? Read it because you want to feel LIFE, Though the content will streatch the mind (actually, Tamara Lee Dorris. Reinforces the importance of "being"., Just in a short time it has made a profound difference It is up to you, make sure not to want what you are asking for because you will emanate vibrations of lack so that is what you will draw into your life -- more lack, This is a little book,. First of all. Your attitude and. I agree with Alfred and Nadia, Love conquers ALL. In the end - I'm getting this feeling that many people out there (religious or not) are bedazzled by the whole "cosmic" nature of our existence.. It was a confirmation to what I expected regarding the source/the real power behind the manisfestation. Most of a persons karma ,good or bad it made so much sense and

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