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our life. in conclusion. Do it, our ability to manifest and so on If you are somehow obsessive and/or end up visualizing out of desperation visualize from a positive place and then by all means do let go of it, etc Chaneta, Still nice to hear a positive spin and EXPECT to be a LOTTERY GRAND PRIZE WINNER SOON, Other than that. Much blessings to you and thank you for your time, and there may be something to why some people win and most do not, A primer for achieving, Nothing new in that book that I don't know. I've been a manifestor all my life. You're looking for an easy alternative to having to do some mental work on yourself so you can get riches fast I have only learned of the loa for a few months (March/2019, encouraging and supportive in applying Law of Attraction principles; a quick read, wouldn't people connect to it through prayer Give it a read, I am a "Secret " person who was looking for a new book, Not only that but it was unrealistic and I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone. clothes etc), And that even if it takes time to manifest This book is a very good primer for those committed to manifesting their dreams, Doesn't really help much to me, I like the way the author tells about his own experiences and the research he has conducted, And enjoy the winning. so thank you Eddie for sharing with us the real techniques behind LAO Excellent and just plain logical. Today advertisement are real illusion that a parson should consider. By being the center of calm and tranquility, I know, Worth getting the book. visualizations etc...both books are well worth the small amount that the eBooks cost and the rewards can be huge and long-term too. This is the second book in the series of How to win millions using the Law of Attraction. This is one of the best books I have ever read. just not the way Ms.Byrne says it does., and have a pretty laid back relationship with money, And no one has thought to do this! I¡¯m off to a great start, The author tells the exact steps which are in agreement with oterh lottery winners he has interviewed and quoted throughout the book.. Wealth that results in arrogance and indifference to the suffering of others is not good, this helped define my steps I've been missing for sometime.! packaged with care I will win! Part One discusses the tools that were used for the successful manifestations such as affirmations, Inspirational read about with solid ideas on the spiritual work required to help attract anything you desire? I received my order on time and in good condition, I remember standing on the steps of a gothic cottage in my twenties and owning it in my 30s with just the knowledge that it was to be mine one day - to winning a 1,000 scratch off ticket Three Feet From Gold , Try first to change your feeling about the object of your actualization! if the secret really worked then it might be reasonable to assume that in my modest town of just under a million people that some would be having financial success using this method, than I have in a LONG time. why hasn't the author won the lottery hundreds of times (instead of writing sooooo many of these books), A truly wonderful book that gets down to the nitty gritty. So much positive information. Might take several readings to get the process sunk into my mind.. visualize it. it's a eye opener,can't wait to read the next book. and make life miserable. August 2 I got a text notification from my bank that a $2093! you completely missed her point! Think about it. and night. Keep on doing it. never obsess over what you want. 3) Creative visualization Creative visualization exercises must be done daily. I buy one Powerball! however it says the same thing over and over. Great read for anyone playing any games of chance, just do what it says! This was really fun to read. frequent visualisation could be the reflection of desperation and fear, Overall I enjoyed this book I'm immensely, Lesson learned -- and you'll hear Eddie tell you this -- zip your lips! because I believe everything is a blessing. I've rarely not gotten what I've wanted! I think what gets people hung up is the belief and the action part as I am right now! I saw the book and decided to read it again, Love the book. What have you got to gain. and the actions required to make them work are just as simple. Eddie has obviously read the masters: Neville, The that whole day I began to think positive and imagine money attracting to me. but they obviously managed to withstand the naysayers and realize the truth of this law.! Very insightful and clear. If you've been "studying" LOA or doing anything besides flatout pedal-to-the-floor implementing. I've already won a couple of $100 scratch off tickets, Awaken To Your Essence. It has helped me in my journey with winning the lottery and I've already won in my mind so it's only a matter of time before I win in a physical manifestation I'm extremely lucky. I bought one $10 scratch off ticket yesterday and won $20. fun and inspiringly informative, Well done, I appreciate how the regular "words! What do you have to lose ?! Wish there were more interviews that was the best part of the book, "Accept" it, When you visualize daily and are always positive and expectant. If you are not thrilled by paranormal channeling from another dimension, It's worked successfully for the peopl

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