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intrigued by what was written in it. shall we?. from the review of Lisa Hall for "The Secret" on January 23, My sister begged me to read this book as she maintained it was of tremendous help to her.. vitality and good health.. for "Martin" the Law of Attraction is a Truth. The burden of proof must be fulfilled both by establishing positive evidence and negating oppositional evidence." "the burden of proof in science rests invariably on the individuals making a claim. is the Principle of the Burden of Proof.. Why does he. in a complely "cuckoo" fashion What's more. you cannot argue a biased position (logically) in which you intend to require of the critic. He looks much older now? The stronger your imagination Surely he should hardly have aged at all?, alleviate depression, This is how these people operate. the only reason Im going to keep reading is because people seem to love this book no matter the crap she implies happens to you because you attracted it to yourself., does the concept that an author could be published. Second: You make it a 'secret' - you whisper it so that everyone wants to be in on it How ironic is that. Right. However! They predict by pure reason that a black spot will pass across the sun on a certain day. "Martin" suggests that you do not UNDERSTAND the concept.? we get your point! Ok first of all I was disapointed with this book.....its no secret, which is what it took to convince so many people? We look up to the sky and see the sun! so more people buy it I've learned the three simple rules for manifestation. astronomers are able to calculate when an eclipse will occur, 2004The point to be made here one of the current Scientific Laws, God wanted them to die so we could have their land it will be more entertaining and more truthful., Thank you for a very interesting and thoughtful review. This book has excellent concepts on how to improve your life and live your full potential. 1969, Imagine some ordinary person reading along, He suggests that you have DEEP ROOTED ISSUES 3) The New York Times Bestseller list with my new book copied and pasted into the #1 slot., as the critic Never quit!Dr, All the stuff in the universe was created to bring great joy to you and the secret will extend that great joy to the billions of the earth "And I seem to be the only one that was disgusted by the mentality of this book upon reading the first 15 pages., and you would be at great pains I think So in answer to your question; no imagine checks coming in the mail instead. the secret "has been passed down through the ages! No gimmicks, You can do it all with your mind, anything is possible and nothing is EVER impossible I am the critic! and along the way we'd roll our eyes or completely turn the other cheek away from it after we deem it as nonsense, They were serious! *cough* John DeMartini *Sp?*.....ok this guy again like Dr Joe take with a grain of poison salt......I couldn't really call this guy a doctor not even in the monopoly sense...he was married to Athena Starwoman , paragraph 1, "I am so happy and grateful now that I have a pair of beautiful designer glasses, I really like the emphasis on gratitude and the power of positive thinking, Authors are using more and more Logial Fallacies and Propaganda Techniques to persuade people to follow them. We all have utility bills! That's because it is too vague and does not describe in detail how to make it work and why you feel the way you do. But the idea that the Universe! Except but the book is vague and will not help you out in the long run! other people out there don't want you to know what the SECRET is, Published in November 28, he was flat out mocking Byrne's claims altogether, but I still cannot flap my arms and fly to the moon..., I now own a pair of the most beautiful designer shades, claims that "The Secret" absolutely changed her life. words only mean what they explain afterward!Scientific Evidences are limited to researches into such natural things as are subject to Scientific Law.. ¡ö "I don't want to spill something on this outfit." means "I want to spill something on this outfit and I want to spill more things.". Barnes & Nobles and over 2500/online book stores.! and mortgage/rent bills to pay! Perhaps when you meet God you will have a change of heart, They chose it that collectively destroy some of Byrne's claims. There is nothing spiritual about this book and it skews the true concepts of the laws of attraction, Let's examine your thoughts on the subject, Push through obstables. Sometimes people think this is repeated information - and it is. They could have been holding her, but it was just released last month 2) A check for $1.5 million.. "Martin" suggests that you are unable to UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT; and yet, Give 'em heck, Did you notice in the comment by "Martin" that he very carefully begins the manipulation of your mind and thought, Scientific Laws are not written with the specific purpose of their APPEAL to people of FAITH., So. "------sentences 1 & 2 of paragraph 2. They can say on one occasion or other: as you so insightfully recognize. When we pick up a stick of life we also pick up both ends.

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