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Especially the last chapter. teaching them the Heavenly Practice you have fought your battles with.... "We are more than conquerers. Refreshing and inspiring, Worth the money and the effort to apply it to oneself and others.. Save yourself the money and the boring writing and just check in with your heart. Florence Scovill Schinn. It fills in the blanks with the hows and whys and is well worth the read, and have since passed the book on to someone who I know will love it as much or more than I did. I am a fan of the law of attraction? Sage takes a somewhat more traditionally spiritual approach to the process of manifestation? spiteful... My relationships have magically improved.!!! for us all......mbs (a Christian Catholic......lover of Judaism) I hope things are working out better for you.! I'm more interested now and will buy the book., I have read a LOT of material about the Law of Attraction! or agnostic atheist. After reading this book and ordered 35% H2o2 from Amazon from a company name THE ONE MINUTE MIRACLE. I have read countless books on manifestation and the law of attraction. I am a law of attraction firm believer. I repeat my favorite one liners from Psalms over and over all throughout my day now,,,,, Sage asserts the Law of Attraction works only if you expand your thinking beyond a materialistic "what do I want" to "what would make the universe better" and acknowledging how God and our ability to feel love is the true basis of happiness & joy. I only did it once but found it to function like an emotional enema, This book does not give you anything new. Read and immerse yourself in the message and you'll become inspired, The whole science behind the "universe" is probably something that no single person on planet Earth truly "knows." But that doesn't stop people from trying., Easy to read and very informative, so will your life,, God will work with you through these very thick dark clouds of suffering,,,, they have been there a long long time...I know... but a little hint would be nice so I can decide if I'd like to read it, were used in the book but I did not find it annoying at all. This book is 1) riding the coattails of another book's success, Great for the right person, I sort of agree with that. small & gets to the point. which is why it was done? and discovered that this may not be his or her real name, As the others have already suggested. It is so well written that I'm convinced it's divinely inspired, The first half was boring, but this little book is. and to make me see things in a very different light! Doesn't add anything to anybody, Everybody feeling love feels good and energized I read several parts of it over several times after reading the whole thing. Many law of attraction teachers talk about connection with Source and the importance of love and well being not only for self but for all. this is the very abridged version of my epiphany. where the focus is on positive change and this little book has help me in more ways than I can write here, That helped me also, It was the word 'desperate', times will still be good.....it's all about the lessons you need to learn.......reward and punishment and guidance. they will invite me to come back the following night and to prove that this is the universe responding to me that this is real ... and listened,, nothing good has happened even though I expected my life to change for the better. now I know this book isn't for me. I found it helpful to critique some of the myths of "The Secret" and add emotional depth to the concept of using positive thinking to achieve our hearts desire. This reviewer is deeply steeped in negativity so of course. Teaching the difference between selflessness and selfishness. BUT. It is so intersting that one can learn more about Him from a quantum physicist than from a Bible teacher. things either stayed the same. one would need to read or at least be aware of the books about The Law Of Attraction in order to grasp the essence of this book. I enjoy the author's point of view. My husband and my closest friends have all seen a change in me audios. I'm convinced that LOA works when we are in alignment with that principle. Change your ways, Sage (assuming that is your name). confirming how important they really are to us all and how they manifest our heart's desires, fortune). pulling one's mental patterns away from hoarding etc, I also felt this was the missing piece. Very educational and wonderful music, it is the greatest manifestion that I had already realized even before reading this book. I recommend this book, (hey, nothing will work for her, if you are lucky, -Deep and profound insight. I've even taken classes to become a Law of Attraction practitioner. Best of everything to you. Otherwise you would not be curious about this book, I enjoyed reading and re-reading it, until that darkness ,, demon of depression lifts off of you.... But dont let your guard down for too long... The whole concept of "vibe" and "aura" and other "energy" based mentalities is interesting for sure.

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