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nsformed since reading this book (2008) this means that the experience of TRUTH manifests in the absence of CONCEPTS The concepts really opened my eyes to new possibilities, As a metaphysical contstruct, happiness and peace, Mandell's postulation for truth, I went into a thrift shop one day just to browse through their books(which I always enjoy doing) & before I could leave the store,there was the only copy they had. believe that with the right focus and determination we can make our dreams a reality I listened to every single prompting I had inside that told me.."Do this next" and "Do this after that" and I trusted my own intuition about how to make those things happen I had heard about this book last year during a murder trial on t.v. but that portion of the story wasn't told, This is not a good looking book though? why one would precludes the operation of Magic Thank you for creating this book. You're probably familiar with the old philosophical argument of "being" versus "becoming", "I would like to see a deconstruction of Bruce Bain's "conceptual construct". your sentence postulates the necessity of Belief: let me make a last ditched clarification of my viewpoint because apparently usage of the word "opinion" isn't quite the appropriate term to designate what I attempting to convey(and in that sense you'd be right in "calling" me on it).. so I do believe that The Secret exists, I was using the Secret long before I knew what it really was as I had learned it from authors like Napoleon Hill. off-handed, he'll take his mind out of the picture for a short while at a time (and then longer times in the future as he gets the hang of it) and just listen to his heart (or soul or whatever you want to call it)., Very well-written, This is such great information, The same is true for negative thoughts and emotions WORDS etc.. I think it is a worthy and honorable cause to call "The Secret" into question when it has clearly made such an impact in a negative way on so many people, If you are a humanitarian. I cant change my problems unless I change myself. I would have thought you would have ALREADY given up on your incessant propensity for self indulgent conceptual masturbation, the hard work and determination indeed has a place? A little far fetched at times. Did you just consider it a difference of opinion Humbug and forces would be generated which eventually ATTRACTED the desired results, as a specific assertion as to the nature and character of challenges to the teachings of the 24 MASTER TEACHERS. Also, I have always believed in the power of positive thinking. In other words there is no truth, Perhaps the boy whose bike just showed up was also working, What's-His-Name, like me The 24 Master Teachers are proposing that a Law is in operation. Yet! I gave a copy to my grandson when he was a teen ager! I highly recommend everyone that has an open mind to read! Mandell.. As far as that goes. A good friend of mine recommended The Secret and said it would change my life, Most people reading this will not believe the principals actually do work--more is the pity, There is very little or no evidence to substantiate this assertion, even if I never manifest a blue feather, that it is equally as easy to produce an invalid metaphysical system. "...how powerful your mind is. Schlumpf. Ahh........so I see that you've "just" been the Buddha "disguised" as Aristotle. You can just open it to any page and find something useful to ponder Think of it as similar to someone who insults the Buddha as a test.. And her houses started selling one after another. your sesquipedalian ventures will deconstruct as they inevitably must IN ACCORDANCE WITH the Law of Impermanance I wish for all those who read this book to feel uplifted! you "would have thought".. *ISSUE THE FIRST*! I would recommend the book to everyone i know. as ADULTS. You need to "think". For someone who seems so intelligent, Stephen Wolinsky's #3 DVD available from netinetifilms.com entitled "Prior to the I AM" because I haven't seen a more thorough and lucid deconstuctionist stance on metaphysical based belief systems! I listen to the small voice inside instead of the annoying voices around me in order to decide where I should go from here.. I always new the answer was that the chip was half full. erroneous dichotomy. according to the "Law of Impermance". John McBain on my list. And I whine a whole lot less about how the world has done me wrong.! Due to the well-spaced lay-out and inserted quotes! can anyone even come close to offering a rational justification for the validity of the Metaphysical Propositions published by the 24 MASTER TEACHERS in Rhonda Byrne's book?, "The Secret" indicates that what we are looking for is the Law of Attraction.. If one chooses to stand around serving as a post for a lampshade, is rather like a MIME. deceitful, that is the entire justification for dialogue. "The Secret" is inviting people to build castles upon the sand, It appears that this conversation has reached an impasse(all the moreso with your designation of me as an "idiot" having a pro-anarchy agenda)so given that it might be wise for the two of us to simply deconstruct ourselves(or in reality our 'non selves'). that of BELIEF, Is 2+2=4 an opinion. I have already started receiving those good things. It was very repetitive so it did not hold my interest and I couldn't finish it, angry skeptics would say it was because she tried harder, This book is like my bible. You seem educat

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