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Quite uplifting . So. etc.. this one doesn't pose new ideas or thoughts, A great summary of the best books for achieving success. feet what you want, But mostly what I loved about this book was the simple tasks you were asked to do that clear the way for receiving the things you desire in your life. I have recommended to several friends....happy to have purchased this book. I have made lists of wants and desires, Be specific in everything you ask for. How he made it happen is the focus point. Only if he follow exactly as it is addressed! You can tell the author knows what he is talking about. It is not a long book and gets straight to the point so you can get started right away. I am so happy I decided to buy this book. but I think the hard part was understanding how to change them, This book was very simple and to the point. The universe wants to provide what we ask for as long as we are sincere and believe that we will receive the things for which we ask. and it reinforced the importance of positive thoughts I so enjoyed this book. and I really pray that these principles work for me. it's more about the work you put into it and not simply magic.. But above all. I really loved this book. I found creating an "I want" list PLUS a "I gratefully received" list very powerful, Just Ask the Universe: A No-Nonsense Guide to Manifesting Your Dreams. It is easy enough to read in a day or two, create you life it took me some time to go through it because I wanted to apply what I was learning. This was a great read. The words in this teaching may have echoed through time eternal. "It took _some time_ for that small acorn to grow into a big tree.". I have actually gotten everything I wanted, I loved this book I can see how these concepts are very possible as I've unconciously done them without realizing and things have materialized for me into reality. The truth is that I have all the knowledge to do that (and many of my dreams became reality). ... Amazing LoA style. I'm really gaining an affinity towards these books with less than 150 pages. Michael Samuels teaches a step by step approach to the Law of Attraction. Having been an avid reader of self help books. I found that I had been over thinking how to use the law of attraction. I have read a few books about the subconscious mind..etc But non of them really hit home with me because I really didn't fully understand how the subconscious mind works. second time with doing the writing exercises. reflection. I feel this book is helpful along your journey. It's completely crazy claims that made me laugh! Can't wait to start checking things off my "I want" list but I attributed that to obsessive behavior on my part. Life is a gift It's the only book you need to make you re-think your thinking, well written and left me energized. But hey, I have listened to tapes and cd' s and watched videos on hypnosis and subliminal and binaural beats. after all the others, from Robbins to Chopra. Anyone who buys this book is victim of scam. It's a good read the first time around. However. This book is very easy to read, It provide a mind reset I had long since forgotten, Just ask the Universe is a quick study that gives you all the necessary steps to manifest what you want in your life, it takes what you ask for literally. And with the help of this book- I'm seeing movement. i improved my thoughts and gained lot, Thank you for giving me this book and for the writer to have it in his heart to share, I have read probably more than 100 LOA and like books over the years. I have read so many LOA books, I couldn't help but smile writing the second list, The problem is that most of us (including myself) after reading book forget about what to do to achieve goals! Sometimes it's not the present that's appreciated the most. easy to understand and do. Wallace Wattles's "The Science of Getting Rich." I love this book. and this time. He offers other great reads that I recommend as well or their health or well being, your hopes and dreams I find this book concise. If you think you know what you want and think you know how to get it? They only gave one out per major Straight to the point, Have been on what you call the conviction determination list, Why would anyone in this world make excuses to not get the thing they really desire?", I liked it, good and bad If this is your first book on the subject. please make sure to read this one I will recommend this to everyone I know Now write down something great to happen to him/her." However! I was curious about the manifestation movement but did not want to commit on reading an extensive book about it. This one book THIS book. Worth a read or a listen too while your on the bus or train, I even posed some questions to the author! I definitely put his suggestions into action and I plan on following up this review with awesome news of the great things that have manifested in my life. e.g., Author gets to the point, Thank you for inspiring me to inspire others, I heard about the author when he was a guest on the Canstance Arnold podcast! My 55 years have taught me that we get what we deserve, Even if nothing comes from thi

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