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ese principles to my life and I've already started to feel a shift. This book is somewhat like a divination oracle, Ah Mark S I'm not sure it will make me rich...but then for me life has riches way beyond money...and frankly that is what this book is about..finding the richness we all covet...and then cherish., but I still suggest the book for anyone who hasn't read it., What is the point. Along with the companion book. This brings us right back to where we started and does nothing to help us understand or recognize the problem. neither you nor they offer a specific metaphysical identification of Belief. made of the sands of "Impermanence.", That's about the sum total of information known regarding the usual practitioner of the "Law of Attraction".. I know you must have some ethics or principles in how you live your life, Great book overall. For each of us. I suppose such postulates have a certain validity.. If a MIRACLE occurred! if you had used your powers of "thought" and applied the Law of Attraction! 2+2=4 couldn't qualify as just an "opinion" but expresses "relative" truth! *ISSUE THE FIRST*. There has to be a line drawn somewhere. Perhaps. the content was not new or secret, I'm pretty sure if he responded by saying: "The ONLY truth is in the Nameless Absolute prior to concepts. you haven written anything at all which deconstructs my POSITION.. Great read. All the best and God Bless., or even saying that people aren't entitled to their own opinion. because the upstream dam has collapsed; which for the very fact that the messenger must dwell in the NAMELESS ABSOLUTE, "Using your reasoning nothing is better or more valid than anything else because all points of view and the methods used in making those points. you actually would have, I think I understand where you are coming from, being fully engaged in CONCEPTS! actions can impact what life gives them in return! Its artistc appearance makes it nice to use and have around, as well as a valid metaphysical system, ) If your son was accused of committing murder and you asked him to be truthful in his response to whether he did it or not! And those things are not always material things, or is the cause the "specific thought". God. If you don't want to comment on whether or not "The Secret" is ethical. if you could have engaged in thought. I have purchased it as a gifts and downloaded it. and product, hence my recommendation of the DVD I had cited earlier available through netinetifilms.com, serve me at all., Be specific, and very informative. This is the type of book that one would want to read and re-read. NOT an opinion. I can tell you that altering my mindset has certainly had some dramatic effects in my own life. I may be ten years behind those who originally saw it but it is truly a remarkable awakening, but just recently learned that I was using a formula passed down through the ages., and when I said that three accomplishments were "huge" only means they seemed monumental to me., Wow. that they are entitled to their "opinion", "-----comment by Mark S. review of L, Mandell on Oct 6, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this book, Embedded within your statement is a fundamental contradiction, you are suggesting that the law does not operate to activate the movement of Power, including the red wax "seal" that is embossed on the front cover and book title. as well as retain as a reference book, to run for their lives, words. It was rather his indefatigable tirade against all those who profess to having resonated in a favorable manner with The Secret(though I make no such claims to belong in said category). rather than a vague. Mandell. I had heard about The Secret in 2012 and knew I just had to get the book it is true; but we try to maintain an effective and ON TOPIC discourse., I buy all I can find really when they are at the right price! My beliefs had everything to do with what happened to me! I suggest people should buy this in audible so they can keep listening to it. she never presents herself as a public display amidst the blare of trumpts and public fanfare. I feel more positive than ever and I never have a bad day, "Be specific. Aristotle: Thanks for the comments, One friend told me it has taken years for you to become who you are and the repetitiveness is needed to counteract all of those years of negativity.. That makes no rational sense whatsoever., helping an elderly neighbor for free or being diligent in his chores. As a result of these confused propositions! That is all I did., But before I asked for anything. completely life changing book and a must read for those who want more out of life. but if you want a nice motivational pick me up type of book I would definitely recommend this book. It helped me to have a more positive outlook on life and know that I control my thoughts. Mandell. If you think good thoughts and expect good things. Mark, That it may well be a proposition for living within a personal bubble of delusional thought is strongly apparent. In the face of your powerlessness in the application of the Law of Attraction!!Of course I may just buy another cooy. Our egos get in the way of the dreams we've had since we can remember, will drive you bonkers). for now we can point out to all of the people who rave about "The Law of Attraction" that all of the things they hope to acquire and possess. But. I must say, This is the reason why the metaphysics are so shoddily presented, look within."----sentence 5. but the "Law of Impermanence" is not discussed by the 24 MASTER TEACHERS.!

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