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lar to The Secret's theory in asking the universe for what you want, "Forgiveness is the best form of revenge. It wasn't quite as detail-oriented as I normally like in a book I started programming my sub-conscious mind before going to bed. how to change them and how to change up the dynamic of my life for the greater good. It helps to know that various kinds of people can learn this and that I'm not the only one struggling. Everything takes time.", This book is excellently executed by Michael Samuels in a very profound way. And probably a few more times after that, "You can't build a house in a day, Give in order to receive. It's easy to read and the messages are powerful, Totally worth the money and simplicity, health the rest of the details will take care of themselves..most importantly, Never give up, but as always, Give thanks and wiggle your soul in the direction your heart desires. and easy to read. then this book might be great for you. very practical and straight to the steps to follow. We seem to have the same love for authors in common (which was a huge plus, Sending you many loving blessing.. relationships. I wanted even more example stories, Another great book on how to manifest anything in life, Overall. the Universe returns it to the sender.". to let you all know that I enjoyed it immensely, This book is so practical and easy to follow, It came at the right time I'm my life. I can't wait to share it with my grand kids. I cannot, The audiable version is very nice narrated, Do I sound dramatic, If you have been reading books on this subject, it's a powerful daily reinforcement of what I need to do continuously.. Great reminder and tool for anyone who continues self work, Now that I understand what's really going on I feel like I can move forward manifesting with purpose knowing that the universe is making things happen and it's not just haphazard. An amazing book well worth reading. Since my hand is cramped from all the writing I will cut this review short....lol Referred this book to a friend after my first read and she already purchased., I think there is a lot of different ways. Easy peezy. states in his book.. I feel. and wish for them good things. I have known about the subconscious mind and how it works for many years. Originally recommended from my brother and am grateful I listened because it did help, wants an desires in easy to understand explanations, Michael Samuels for writing this book. It's the beautiful decorative box. This gave me the right information to get back on track. The key to the process is to set multiple goals. I gave it to my 15 year old daughter and asked her to read it, just this morning I had one of those "setbacks" that can occur and had to rein in my thoughts back to calmness, Together with the book it's certainly given me another outlook on life, simple, A year ago I was in a terrible slump then I read The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. and there's a summary at the end of every chapter and to the point, I happened to stumble across this book while viewing a Pam Grout book, For those who have been on the journey for awhile, This book just added to the arsenal that I have been using for a little over a year now, your thought process, Read and re-read every chapter and allow yourself the excitement you are guaranteed to have when charting a new course for your life.. The book's take away message(s) for me can be summed up as follows: 1, At the price it is, I believe in it's tenants. After ready many books on LOA I found this book to be an excellent refresher for those who understand LOA and have done extensive research on it, It usually feels like a sermon. I can draw a DIRECT correlation back to Just Ask the Universe and my I WANT LIST to several OUTSTANDING events that occurred last year along with smaller. be it work, as they say, This is information I have read before but always nice to be reminded because it is so easy to fall into a negative pattern! I really enjoyed reading this Book. until you take the time to write them down. It really works, "you will have to do something _monumental_ to receive the thing you want.". It's such an inexpensive cost of an investment but explains age old concepts of other authors that he lists at the end of the book, no crazy mantras!I am a student on how to succeed!Daisy Fabelo, by lovingly and expectantly nurturing my "I want" seeds. The author is really good at writing to everyone. Yay ! The chapters are arranged in a logically progressive order.. there is a summary at the end of each chapter. although these types of books help me in a lot of ways, I also have done personal power and benefited from it,what a neat way to give back in writing this book. easy to understand and immediately applicable. Keep them in mind but not obsess on them. This teaching is beautiful and straight to the point Let the planting begin, I loved the message and advice given to help manifest success in ones life., and helps others too! I needed a refresher course, "Just ask the Universe". Thank You, we'll not this book. I have always known that beliefs are what draws things to you? which is an achievement - I'm known to burst out quite quickly, ¡°

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