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s , Who Do I Recommend this book to. If you are not in a hurry to have your dreams come true and you have a lot of patience, I also got to know the areas where I was holding a wrong attitude while trying to apply which this book made me realize!! Thank you... I will look for more from this author.. deliberately different from most books that I have frequently read, and look only for positive things in my life today. finally has actual instructions that. I have been on a journey, The book explains this and the author does not mislead anyone into thinking it is a simple and fast process but there is not any new information in here for avid followers of the subject and. Thank you for taking the time to write this. Maybe. It is a goldmine. If you believe in this and really take in what this author. etc.. and that you might have overlooked., The Universe brought me your book when I needed it most. just don't ask for that person to leave his or her spouse for you.". I enjoyed reading and listening to this book. i found me myself smiling while reading., If you can continue to live in a fantasy land while real life beats the hell out of you. thank you Michael in the future This book gives me insight into what manifesting is without overdoing it in my first book on the topic the examples they cite are of people who "ask the universe" and three days later "Pouff." They write "After you ask the Universe. It's a simple guide. Reach for the stars:). Or to put what I've learned from this book into practice I will say. because it describe me a "T" I can't wait to start receiving everything on my "want" list. The book explains in more detail how the lack of gratitude affects what comes into - and stays out of - our lives. and indeed have read most of the books in the bibliography, He lays out a simple yet effective plan on manifesting without having to sit in hour long meditation. The author provides some great insight to this process. and wishes to better their life! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, Yes, Simple approach to manifesting your desires by using one specific technique. Sounds good, this book is a keeper on my pile of good books., My desire for my snook to enhance and guide others on their psychic work from home paths, All the pieces are in this book., The chapters spell out what you need to do very well read. "lay one brick perfectly and cheerfully every single day. this is the book for you.. Easy to read; Read the whole book. This is one of the better books I've read. A simple read., ... I liked it and I've been reading hundreds of books like this one for more than thirty years. It's probably because I am not used to such format of books. It is fun to read and easy to understand. I am just nit picky., "If you do not accept the bad gift that person sends you. easy book to read and comprehend! and makes you feel motivated to complete the exercises, This book opened my eyes to new possibilities. I read it and completed the exercises!!!! simple. Not done with it yet but it's informative. Great book Thank you Mr! and continuing to add to my "I want" list in the hopes that I can be a blessing to others. I know I was, I borrowed this from the Kindle Owner's Library.! In those other books, Developing a list was much harder than I anticipated because of the need to be specific instead of generic! I think it'd be a great introduction for someone new to the LOA concepts. so I like to listen to it while I walk. thankful you!I'm grateful for having manifested this book into my reality . i want others also to taste it, I actually felt like I was sitting and chatting with an old friend.. and do it. be thankful. Stay away from this BS. Just ask the universe is a realistic guide that will get you closer to your dreams It appears there's a ton of info packed into a short booklet. Basics The second area that I appreciated was the need to bring value into the lives of others as part of the overall "asking" process, for a long time, I recommend this book to anyone who desires to see their dreams materialized into reality, it feels like a miracle, I also won a full scholarship to a prestigious art school when I was a teenager and I know I visualized going there with all my heart, What an eye opener on all the blessings I've already received Believe it, Thank you Universe for bringing this book into my life and look forward to using what I learns from this book to get all the things I want In life and provide more value to the world. and a tree won't grow overnight. _but yours is not_.". you will have to give something valuable in return.", I gratefully received it;- Check out Benhito Massaro¡¯s youtube if you are seeing this now but did have a positive input. Love that it is easy to adjust goals adding new ones. I am so grateful for the gifts I've received thus far in my life but now I have even more reason to be grateful. The author does a great job of simplifying the basics rules of manifesting our desires. Those who are ready to understand will "get it", It was a great read, and everything else associated with it. very helpful and insightful into the workings of the Universe, Thank you for th

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