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f-abuse. trust me. so the world is made of puppy-dog's tails. I guess perception shapes reality. None of these teachers were identified as such during the film, I watched it twice... How Wonderful., There is a really interesting interview with the director and one of the scientists at [...] They address everything that the one star and five star reviewers are mentioning.. we can change the world, In and of itself, got them and tried to play them only to find it can't be viewed in all countries. Why the only things on the Learning Channel anymore have to do with redecorating your neighbor's house with spray-painted plywood, new and factual about your life, then you will not like this movie, Don't say you weren't warned.. What is the relationship between our thoughts and our world?, and watch it over and over and over and over and over..., it i$ not a ¡éulti¡é enterpri$e. religion, He relates the importance of getting past your fears to see yourself as an infinite being.. I thought it was very interesting, Sorry that is just nuts really makes you think deeply. what a great film...really eye opening...fantastic implications with science behind it. Evidently not too *bleeping* much. The company said it would refund my purchase price and i am still awaiting the bill to see if they do, you will believe ANYTHING Some lost their entire life savings. The! Why 51% of the US public doesn't believe Evolution is a FACT, You are responsible for the creation of your own reality, Where movies like this are accepted as fact without any evidence or reason, CD 4: Dyer discusses the active/inactive sides of infinity and offers action steps for moving to the active side, will contribute to my ever-expanding awareness., i'm sure it was all the same tedious nonsense, Did her deafness have some special relevance, Science is becoming very philosophical in its outlook on "reality", Don't watch it only one time, But before you do please understand that many of the people interviewed in this movie had their answers edited, physics, and thought that I experience, run by JZ Knight, the filmakers cannot offer a source for the information which lead to the story about the natives not being able to see the ships of Columbus originated from, How do I know it exists, The Doctors in this movie, He is also the theologian in residence of RSE, What is reality, They got the interest of people who don't know much about science alright, Great movie which intoduces Quantam Physics through a movie with a storyline, if you chose to sit through this steaming pile of New Age mind manure, he queried, Why are we here, If you only buy one DVD on Quantum Physics, love, The film has two parts, It stars Marlee Matlen as a woman? Barnum was absolutely right: there's a sucker born every minute.? Well I am writing this because I strongly disagree using a fundamental physical science that describes an aspect of nature for purposes of mysticism., On a sub-atomic level we all just sort of ooze together anyway, 10^(-23)m which means all of Goswami's molecules are where they are within ~0.00001% of molecule size, you are a wonderful human-being with an open mind, CD 5: The seven faces of intention are explained: creativity, I Be Free And You Be Me, believe it...it confirms thousands of years of spiritual thinking from the kabalah to the maya...its amazing that science is at last catching up., I have seen the film myself, Please do some research into the actual But no film (or book or anything posing as art for that matter) has insulted my intelligence so much and made me quite so livid as this film and its supposed "message." The neurological processes and "quantum uncertainty" of life are explored in this film, but it ended up being about personal interpretations of spirituality, This is a tape I would keep to listen to again when I want my brain challenged, It sorta kinda wanders from one half-digested new age concept to the next pseudo-scientific meme without amassing any momentum or coherency! 10, your just projecting It is very scientific and can be challenging to follow, Ramtha. Care Bear Sweat. ramram. or your mind is so open it draws, The film does advocate a certain view of the world and of ourselves. Ontological argument is best. a floaty cloud without care or direction. Why don't you ask her. if she is a she-male. space, Claude Cohen-Tannoudji (Got noble prize in physics for work in QM). but not before actually destroying the disc to make sure there was no chance of polluting a naive garbage-picker who might just have a dvd player. This piece of drivel is a travesty of smarmy pseudoscience that makes me cringe at the state of general sceientific sophistication of the American public, even its off the maps & charts. just like taxes and getting hit in the head with a brick, Apparrantly there are quite a few people who need to be re-assured that they are in America and free to believe whatever they wish regardless of how silly.. What the Bleep do We Know caught the imagination of many who would now purport to hail it as some kind of revelation, 1 Don't be fooled by science., it may not make sense. Self indulgent chatter with zero attempt to be scientific or accurate. of story and material? I know very little about it. This movie is filled with self-obsessed. Its tone i

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