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ly resonated with me, so same day I got my old sim converted to micro sim from another provider without paying any cash for it., In addition, and a new car." Anytime you have the word "AND" in your intention statements, It is so much more than what the title states. Loving this book so much, But he can direct as well as to a very great extent, the more open that my mind became and the more powerful that I became in taking control of the things in my life, I found it engaging from a to z, and my personal favorite. Things will manifest and happen for you very quickly.", or seeing something as being in your head just lean. I can't recommend this book. It gives you another view of LOA and your part toward manifesting . as that process carries many similarities to what is commonly called 'Sigil Magick'.. It is quite true about the secret being banned. so another LOA book. I gained a entire sense of renewal after completing this book, It was a great book.He took a lot of the. In the new book. This little book is what you need and probably all you need. Thank You. This is a beautiful book and has been very helpful in manifesting my dreams! So much magic here. Or unfortunate adults. I read it in a couple of days and I am following the varies meditations and steps. OK, I can't stand it if authors talk about the same thing over and over just to thicken the book. God bless you. and an interesting story. Full of valuable information to help you grow from the inside out. I love the meditations and have been feeling so positive since I started doing them daily. Richard Dotts gives us information that is not contained in all the famous LoA books and movies. I like that it is gets straight to the point without saying the same thing over and over the way similar books do Either it is indifferent (which is why you can manifest unpure intentions) or you get what the universe feels you deserve (which is much better than what you intend), I enjoyed the book immensely. Loved this book would recommend it to everyone. I let the crazy world just mow me down. Good read he does string it out but for those that need to understand coming from not knowing it's good, dangerous knowledge, This one is very good like the others! I could see how that is detrimental to my progress with manifestation. It's very relaxing and can be used while reading, after which it is quite possible still further quiet it to a complete standstill as in making the mind a blank. you are making it difficult for the Universe to fulfill your intentions." At location 212 he writes "When you have a pure intention, This man is a genius. I learned a lot and I enjoyed reading such motivational material! An unreadable lithany of enthusiastic words which do not mean anything. Absolutely wonderfully written. but there was nothing I would consider banned nor any new information that can't be found in any other law of attraction book An idea is energy. I love how she has links to the tools she mentions. when you get busy with the highs/lows of life it's easy to get off track. He gives you tools and examples which really help you identify with his steps on how to manifest. I felt like he understood that most of us have read our share of the "Secret " type books . Thank you. I enjoyed this book. I loved the writing style and that there is a lot of information in this book that is usable. This is a great read for those who need direction in their lives, among many other things. complete with approach to fulfilling your desires to the point, crystal activation n so much more. Very concise and to the point in plain language. His methods are very easy to do...now I will see if they work. Should have given a zero star... As I read this book i kept hearing myself think: "Hey, There are a few typos and grammatical errors. I pray one day I will have my own book explaning and sharing my experiencesShort and to the point. I say potentially because I haven't started the experiments yet. I read this at a time in my life that I needed it, This was a different perspective on the Manifestation process. How to be Totally Awesome (Melody Litton) and you are surely to be on your way to a whole new life experience., It's as if I am just sitting down to have a conversation with a wise friend.. accessible and concise while still providing great content in a complete manner I highly recommend this book I really enjoyed using this guide which I think is a great idea to keep the logical mind engaged, no fat ( I am considered an expert in this field so nice to get a few new things! Explains the self-inflicted blocks we make and how to knock that off, I definitely recommend people to read it, but Dotts writes with clarity. Such a must in your spiritual toolbox. Great readThis book is a must read . There are simple techniques included for one to follow with ease. It's not a bunch of rules set in stone. I give this book 5 stars because I truly APPRECIATE the authors approach.. easy to understand and rituals you can put into practice today can make you well

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