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aware of the many things that the human mind is able to be unlocked and allowed to perform on a regular basis. I love this book and the supporting materials that the author included are phenomenal. its fresh content inspired me to rethink the whole process of manifesting my dreams. I book this book on a whim! I am loving this book. William Tiller's books and read his white papers. I took a lot of notes. Why did I need to ask for a gift within 48 hours and what does it say if things didn't happen for me in that time frame?. I have used this gem so many times with the Manifesting with the New Moon rituals. I have read several books about manifesting. Wow I am so thankful to have found this sweet little book I'm not sure why "banned" was used in the title...I guess it did get me to read the book. very easy to read and strait to the point. I gained so much information and it was what I needed. ) Please read beyond the lack of editing. I huge fan of this guy. Every book that he writes is another piece of the puzzle of making this universal law work, Complementary to without distracting from many other books on LoA, Stay blessed I enjoyed reading it mostly because it is easy to read ,but thought provoking . Could easily help bridge from where you are to where you want to be by helping develop a means of eliminating the doubt and diversionary noise of the conscience. This book is mostly fluff and mumbo jumbo. The real value of this book is in its provocative concepts that seem to challenge conventional wisdomMany good tips and suggestions for creating and manifesting. there is nothing banned about these manifestation secrets. This was a very easy read with lots of useful information, I love that this book creates very easy to execute plans to not only figure out what you want. Simple. Amazing resources!Very good material! Bless you Richard for putting this in simplistic terms. Richard does not fill it up with a lot of "Mumbo Jumbo" nor does he talk down to the reader . It's simple enough for newbie but very inspiring for someone a little more advanced in manifesting, Richard Dotts makes a good explanation of the Law of attraction. The grids are just beautiful, An AWESOME quick read. This was one of the most helpful books on manifestation.., Was a very easy straight forward no nonsense book. read it all before reminded me of Abraham Hicks felt the book was taken from other books was not original. and Dyer! , What he did was take the most useful, There are plenty of bad books on the manifestation process out there - but this one is not one of them., and Limitless Success into Your Life! I love the flow of this book and the simple. Good idea is to notice what worked for you in the past and continue using that tool.. Having read several other books on manifestation from authors such as Neville. New phone worked with micro sim, Ananda wrote in a way that grabs your attention and resonates with your inner self, I was within moments actually drawn into the book and had a very hard time putting it down. Abraham. Very useful manifestation tips! just the facts approach to manifestation. Let go and wish lightly are the only good points..! Dotts, From the master's. It's being who you are! I liked the idea of manifestation cards and how to use it! so much amazing content in The Alchemy of Miracles. It¡¯s jam packed with lots of great stuff. I can't wait to try it, Great read and great insights. No fluff and wordy extras. extremely helpful and clear finally I found a book on this subject that went right to the heart and purpose and bypassed the RULES and REGULATIONS and exercises that did not work for meI love this little book. Alchemy explained in a very simplistic way. Really liked it and Wizard DawningA Must read for manifestation. (pleasantly so) Are you ready to uplevel your life and business! You can feel the energy of the book as you are guided through it! Great job! Love the way this author explains the process of manifestation! AmazingAnanda, Instead of just using plain assertive reinforcement it seemed to go away from the more conservative style .! ... I would recommend it to anyone interested in manifestation issues or visualization techniques. Great bookOkay Creating lengthy lists can be overwhelming on the brain and therefore affect your subconscious.. but your package will come on time. I believe Banned Manifestation Secrets...was meant to be easily assimilated by a first-time reader of the subject. But then again Such good stuff, That noise or negative distraction could easily be termed "fearful faith", I believe that anyone who read this book will be blessed. I will recommend to friendsWonderful and rich readingPlain and simple. Sometimes. born in Nazareth circa 30AD). I loved this book it is packed with info and easy to read. works every time. I went from halfway living to living above and beyond. and understanding the obstacles you place in the path.. This is the God given truth!! He held your attentionwithout wasting words. I would recommend this book to my friends and family. Mr, If it

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