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s him for sharing his life experiences with us. simple and very useful to train your mind. (pleasantly so), Just what I have been searching for, Learning that your mind is the key that can unlock a treasure trove of information to make the things you always thought was a dream actually come to be in your life, stop, This is different and is a must read, You can feel the energy of the book as you are guided through it. People like Andrew Carnegie... Wow I am so thankful to have found this sweet little book. I felt like he understood that most of us have read our share of the "Secret " type books , If you aren't familiar with the Universal Laws of Attraction. I enjoyed reading it mostly because it is easy to read ,but thought provoking , It has helped me a lot. I'm still a little shocked about how it just came up when I was searching for something completely different. If you have not grasped th idea of the "secret"...if you have stumbled along the way... but don't expect the author to go profoundly into his theories and methods.. The additional tools she provides will prove to be beneficial for the work. and also going to see what other books Richard Dotts has written. Very inspirational and filled with love and positive vibes No fluff and wordy extras, but in the bigger picture. Even though this book was short it pointed out things that were overlooked in other books I've read on manifesting. meditate on it. How to be Totally Awesome (Melody Litton) and you are surely to be on your way to a whole new life experience.. There are plenty of other. I will recommend to friendsWonderful and rich readingPlain and simple, my mind is filled with more positive vibrations than before, Be aware of automatic counter-intentions as they weaken original intention. surprisingly. It's simple enough for newbie but very inspiring for someone a little more advanced in manifesting. Even if you've read all the big names on this topic! This is the God given truth! dangerous knowledge! So many things have happened to me in the past that I believe in this theory The only thing that you have to be willing to do is to let the mind take over and help to guide you to the results that are possible. and encouraged me and infused me with energy to truly make this my best year ever. and service isn't a dirty word.... Ananda has her finger on the pulse of manifesting. Great resource for practical application and direction, New phone worked with micro sim, and I learned a few things. for that matter.. Keep an open mind.. Just started and I'm already loving itAwesome book. For people unfamiliar with intentions. Priorities are fine. Nothing Banned about this book maybe interesting if you have never read anything on manifestation.! Mr. God bless you. I mean call it coincidence or synchronicity but I got myself into a state of allowing and going with the flow following my inspiration to act and before I knew it I was buying a new laptop with money that showed up out of the universe and it was exactly just enough money to purchase what I wanted, One of the best books written that I have read on manifestation and law of attraction would recommend to family and friendsSuccinct and to the point. For the longest time people have been seeking out one of the many ways to have manifestation have an impact in their life. I was a little bit surprised when I read the book. Thank you. You can't help but get better from this guy. He gives you tools and examples which really help you identify with his steps on how to manifest. If you can find a better book out there. But, It's a bad idea to worry that you cannot afford something or if you deserve it Thank you. Hi liked this book too but have faith in god and he will take you to where you want to be. It answered all the questions other books have failed to answer. Simple, Was a very easy straight forward no nonsense book. at Loc! The tools and techniques mentioned in this book are very easy.. the title sounded good. This book is fabulous Nothing "banned" here! The world will change dramatically if the story mind we creatively produce at this juncture in history were guided by Faith. I loved this book it is packed with info and easy to read. and more, and I've read a lot who cares, However, I read this in about an hour and plan to go back to do the specific exercises and review the information as desired. similar to other LOA materials out there out there. complete with approach to fulfilling your desires. I highly recommend this book. The author also gives guiding rules in the area of intent. This book is really simple and totally resonated with me. then this is the book for you! I¡¯ve always been frustrated with LOA because I could never truly understand it Good idea is to notice what worked for you in the past and continue using that tool.. Does a good job as a reminder that you don't need all the external stuff that so many try to get into. This is why I give it five stars. effective elements and honed in on the practice of creating intent. This should be required reading for kids i

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