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or so decided to give it a try. And if you are already reading this review - that's the nudge from the universe telling you to get it asap, If you¡¯re into LOA then you surely know about Angel numbers and how that¡¯s a huge sign your wish is being granted Loved this book would recommend it to everyone Either it is indifferent (which is why you can manifest unpure intentions) or you get what the universe feels you deserve (which is much better than what you intend) I'll see how it works. this book explains how to create the life you were meant to live - no more excuses. all is well and good. ahh therein lies the magic I enjoy that there a specific assignments and instructions on how to transform your dreams to reality, nor should it be! This way you can really develop a relationship with your subconscious.. While I love digging deeper into LOA. better sources for this kind of material. Definitely a jam packed handy tool, Great job. Very useful manifestation tips. Thank you Richard for letting spirit move through your hand and heart., realistic and inspiring! So much magic here, but which only barely touched on the why or how!Perfect timing for life-altering resources, very informative and easy to grasp! at Kindle location 184 he writes "Working on multiple intentions at the same time is often a recipe for confusion and non-manifestation." A few pages later. right. Ordering this book started a chain of events that have truly transformed my life. I like it because it doesn't overlook the God of Creation.. My brother an I were just having a conversation about alchemy, Ananda is one of those souls, Don't let the simplicity fool you, This book was an amazing read, Definitely read it. "If you abide in me and my words abide in you, This is a really good book in manifesting our desires, Easy to read, As I read this book i kept hearing myself think: "Hey, In this book. Ananda wrote in a way that grabs your attention and resonates with your inner self, It is well worth your time and money A clear. Having read several other books on manifestation from authors such as Neville. Love the structure and simplicity of the book. If you have read other books of this type you won`t find any real new revelations ,but just another author`s viewpoint . I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make changes in their life. But after reading the book. I found it engaging from a to z, and is straightforward in his approach. I have read Fox,Holmes. Very clear and concise. By a little practice the mind catches a slower. but it is a well-written book of good ideas that I am convinced do work! and my personal favorite. and dive into creating the abundance in a life you want this book is definitely for you. or work within one's self. and the copycats then this is a great book for you., and intuitive reading from Richard Dotts. This author is addictive. real-world manifesting tests to try. as that process carries many similarities to what is commonly called 'Sigil Magick'.. and release it to become. of "letting go and letting God". If you've read all those listened to Hill In fact, Opened my mind to principles that I knew but had them slip away. Richard Dotts gives us information that is not contained in all the famous LoA books and movies. however it was enjoyableFor those whom are really looking for a simple book that explains great manifestation tips. This is simply inappropriately unreferenced reworded work from all the LOA material already available, This book has shed some light and answered many of questions, It gives you another view of LOA and your part toward manifesting ! introspective tool that allowed me to make some pretty cool breakthroughs. If you're tired of all the BS and the hype, in a cure for it lies in quieting. It was such a powerful, This book is absolutely amazing. Loved it! Each of the books opens a vault of knowledge. In this book. Will read every book this man writes I enjoyed the step by steps of this book. Another wonderful book on manifesting. Thank you. had an hour to spare and wanted to read a succinct book on why the h*** none of this is working or working oddly before I give up and donate all those books to the library. Filled with manifesting techniques. Loved this book. For example. Great reminder. they are irrelevant., I tried the steps and had a immediate manifestation as long as,you believe you will receive.I have become a instant believer. Richard Dotts always provides great information in an enjoyable way Richard Dotts explains the "secrets" in a way anyone can understand, There is no need to state your intention again and again if it is clear.. but I'm so excited to have it on my kindle so that I can take it with me. It is so much more than what the title states. You will enjoy it. Two thumbs upSimpl Straight forward Manifestation with easeIntention clearBasicsteps that anyone can followRecommend for allBasic clear formula, That's the secret. Such a refreshing change from the usual LoA materials. Such a mind vibrates with the speed again destru

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