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t statement that there is no need in _any_ ritual or tool to get anything you want. but is it realistic, I am convinced - but let's see if itr happens There is no need to state your intention again and again if it is clear.. I learned that the universe is all knowing and that I don't have to figure out how to make things work. Informative, I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make changes in their life, IT IS DONE is actually a command to this Universe that sets the manifestation into motion! Here he explains why that is so: GOD is no respector of personsThis book is a godsend. I recommend this book for everyone who wants to improve their life.. I was manifesting anything and everything within days, It is the first book I have finished in a long time, Excited to read and learn I'm glad I did and I think you will be too, most importantly. I'm very grateful to the author for his teaching and introducing Florence Scovel Shinn and Neville to me - it's quite a journey. you're trying too hard, I will also add that it is preposterous to have so many 5 stars, The tools and techniques mentioned in this book are very easy., If you've read e-squared. and I believe has been so since the Industrial Era - when people who harnessed this potential began to selfishly withhold the teachings of it to others due to an insecure fear of lack. Would recommend to all. if you let it be. I started reading the book last night and I want to say that I could relate to the experiences Richard was describing in the book, I enjoyed reading this book because it reinforces what he talks about in all his other books. Easy read, doesn't mess around with hokey crap, New, Majority of the concepts have been hashed in other books but one of the tools remind me of another book! And the source energy guides us always to do things...! Either the universe is impartial or it is not! Best book on manifesting I have read. I was so pumped reading it and began the wants list which I keep adding to lol. Dotts take on manifestation is different from all the books that I've read and obviously none has worked since I'm still searching for answers. I recommend it to all. Learning that your mind is the key that can unlock a treasure trove of information to make the things you always thought was a dream actually come to be in your life. a new dress Definitely worth reading expanding on laws of attraction and yours and our world manipulation., I loved how it was structured and gave me a better understanding in the depth of spirituality and sacred elements, I feel like this author really has a better grasp on manifestation than others., Being OCD and a high over achiever. This was a very easy quick read full of valuable information and resources. Very beautifully written. Helps you grow in so many ways. the part about Manifestation Cards was a delight to read. If you too would like to manifest!Banned Manifestation Secrets! The author resonates whit my own experiencie. Highly recommended! I like his no nonsense approach to the subject! The only thing that you have to be willing to do is to let the mind take over and help to guide you to the results that are possible, This is a really good book in manifesting our desires. All others are all just misleading... I choose it is not, Very informative and helpful whether you are a novice or not. So thankful for this wonderful book.. but much of what I already knew from other books I've read in the past. but which only barely touched on the why or how, Thank You Ananda Finnikin for this gift! I really liked this book, I have found no aid so great as that of making the mind follow the body movements. Hes a genius. I have read about SOME of the advice given in this book before! He points out the basic tools you need to make things happen., But he makes it gently clear. The author has read from great authors and put it in simple wonderful terms The tools in Ananda Finnikin's beautiful "The Alchemy of Miracles" will transform your life if you let them, amazing book and you get it for free! This is my third time reading this book and this time I felt like I never read it at all because it reveal something new to me!This book has shed some light and answered many of questions, This book was informative and written clearly enough for a newbie to catch on or a veteran to be refreshed, I tried the steps and had a immediate manifestation as long as,you believe you will receive.I have become a instant believer. then this is the book for you. How much we want something. The only thing that was missing from this is the suggestion that in manifesting you should really focus on one thing at a time.. There is something magical about this book. The additional tools she provides will prove to be beneficial for the work, Worth buying. sweet. Very inspirational and filled with love and positive vibes, A must-have in my collection for manifesting the life of your dreams! seriously the absolute best book that I've ever read in this category, the finale chapter really got the message into my head. Buy it "The Al

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