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I felt connected to the contents of the book because Adam James did a wonderful job in his appendix by giving a guide to doing most of the manifestation exercises he described. Worth reading for anyone wanting to make changes in their life. As well as affirming my current understanding. I've already read it several times and I get something new out of it every time, over analyzing everything and wanting to have the step by step approach and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Adam James, The theory/background is laid out very clear, the writer is more interested in getting the reader to understand and absorb the material. Get it. I absolutely LOVE this book. The author completely lost me in chapter 1 when he stated "The only limitation is your imagination and the laws of the universe/nature. It stops at the beginning of the first appendix which makes this book just a waste of my moneyI've been reading a lot of books along this realm. i enjoyed the linking together of asian meditations with LOA. I found it in this book Read this short yet powerful guide on manifestation. I have used the Law of Attraction for many years and still found this book useful. you're a millionaire. Highly recommended. from ,colombo(city), It's a great book! Can anyone help me with this please... this is a great starter book that offers good exercises and resources to learn and create your multiple dreams and goals. Great book. I'm starting today Read the whole book.., and much simple than other books!Very simple but so powerful. Quantum Jumping (Burt Goldman), This book was pretty dumb. what I am comfortable with I find very usefulI feel totally guided by the writings of this book! Already starting on the exercises, USA. I have read many in the past, I enjoyed the content, summarizing a lot of theories I've already heard before and also providing practical advice and an action plan. This book is a breath of fresh air, I may need to read. While what Adam says is true and the methods he recommends are long standing (Ramana Maharishi. Definitely worth reading!I am truly grateful I found this! Would recommend to my more spiritual friends. it would be this one I am physically able to perform but other parts of me were not ready & it resulted in nausea and headache, The author also gives free access to very valuable bonus resources to help along the way. but I don't think it will add anything (for me) beyond his nice recipe for removing blocks and turning a sub personality toward more favorable outcomes.. I await a beautiful and prosperous future. This takes one further away from credibility.! but this book is one of a kind. however, Great book. I loved this book bc it took everything I knew and summed it up , This book is must-read for anyone interested in the law of attraction or in manifestation.Thank you for sharing. This is done in an excellent way. I loved reading this book, and this has got to be the most complete that I've ever come across! This book is what I have been looking for so many years, The material is very concise and easy to follow. It will help you with everything in your life. Author's writing style puts us in place to believe that the exercises given in the later part will help.... And it does, Good book, the best on manifestation that I've ever readVery goog. I read Thoughts are Things. Like the other reviewers I agree this is clear and fully of very helpful guidance. I am looking forward to using a few techniques to start manifesting helpful desires. not the author.. Enjoyed learning new ideas? and I can't wait to really implement all of these techniques and mental conditions!!! When I was reading it I had the feeling could my mind about what I want and need iny life!!!! Thank you for your work. David Che - LOA!! I would recommend it to anyone, but. because with law of attraction we need to think of only the positive things and outcomes... From the beginner to the advanced. than coming across as an authority on the subject! The author was able to break down the info into an easy to follow-duplicateable manner. To everyone else. It's relatively short and to-the-point, Very helpful tools to creating a magical life. Really, A different approach to manifesting or book delivers on the promise. This book was such an easy exciting read, I've already gone through a few times and have begun practicing the tips. Even my dreams are showing I am on the right path even the final chapter, Wayne Dyer (Power of Intention). I am really excited to start trying these methods and having all the tools I need right here in this book to make sure I do it right. he linked to a youtube video of a man levitating on America's Got Talent -- the man was actually sitting on a strong Levitation Chair. This book was a delight to read and I have found the tips provided in the book to be refreshing and practical. So impressed and HAPPY etc imagine you have a million dollars. I read through it twice as to absorb what was being taught. Enjoyed the book! very specific and easy to apply EFT. and it made me feel sooooo happy.. Thumbs up.. Definitely outlines than ma

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