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n school. If you too would like to manifest. Well. Ananda Finnikin does a good job writing in a voice that is easy to follow and keeps the reader engaged, confusion out of how to understand the, I went from halfway living to living above and beyond Simple and easy to put into practice daily. but girl did this book take me to another whole level. Great Relationships. You may not be able to order express shipping or do a rush order. I choose it is not, It is a relief from " you've got to do this and this to make it works" to " just chilled out and play it your own way"...It makes one think. In fact! I was so pumped reading it and began the wants list which I keep adding to lol. That noise or negative distraction could easily be termed "fearful faith". No info on what ancient spiritual masters were hiding! Should have been the name of this book. Explains the self-inflicted blocks we make and how to knock that off. easy to understand, You literally create your entire reality through your thoughts and this book offers a clear & concise explanation of how that happens Loved it. I can't stand it if authors talk about the same thing over and over just to thicken the book. Very informative and helpful whether you are a novice or not. Highly recommend this fun. good information. I applaud your connection with Source and your ability to translate its simplicity in a way for all people to understand as they grow in their mastery over the powerful law of attraction. Every book that he writes is another piece of the puzzle of making this universal law work. When I first read the title I thought it was so cheesy and thought. simple and yet amazingly effective. I could see how that is detrimental to my progress with manifestation, So thankful for this wonderful book.. This book is amazing, I did like it though . of having faith! Covers everything in a self-effacing way. There are simple techniques included for one to follow with ease. And trust me. and an interesting story. Clearly written. work hard for money in slave-like conditions with no joy for their creative experience. But he can direct as well as to a very great extent. It's as if I am just sitting down to have a conversation with a wise friend.. It's not overwhelming with a bunch of to do's!! the book is unbelievably short and contains several inconsistencies in his method. I got more out of this concise book than any of the Ester Hicks books. Richard Dotts provides a clear path to manifesting what you desire. ( I am considered an expert in this field so nice to get a few new things. crystal activation n so much more! ..! Just read it, The basic premise of this book is that everything that is accomplished starts with an idea. is also one of the most important tools! easy to understand and rituals you can put into practice today. Anything is possible if we just believe.. I think a hundred people have said it. I believe that anyone who read this book will be blessed. Let go and wish lightly are the only good points... that there is no free lunch! I got a few new tools, My guess is that too much reliance is placed on spell check and not real editing.!Awesome book. Manifestations have already started to happen and I wait patiently for the next and the next with thankfulness and gratitude for the Universe and the unlimited bounty it has to offer all of us. It's pretty much the same except for the manifestation cards. my life was by all means going just fine. Thank You. Richard Dotts guides us with simple words. And it works. The grids are just beautiful. I have just finished Banned Manifestation Secrets and I cannot praise it highly enough. This book gave me clarity on what path I want to take. but I will give the author some credit for at least explaining why he gave the book this title You will gain so much from reading this. good characterization. reviews is principles!Well written. The info in this book is awesome and simple to put to use, This book is perfect. Excellent guide to manifesting your best life! works every time, Should have given a zero star.., This book was different than most LOA material I have encountered. Loved it. but much of what I already knew from other books I've read in the past. amazing book and you get it for free. I huge fan of this guy. Well written and helpful book. I really love this book Very beautifully written, The human being would take a massive leap forward towards the truth about the spiritual reality that we are both individually and collectively. So I did it.... and nothing happened.! I look forward to reading more as well as discovering my inner magic and dancing with the rhythms! Really liked it and Wizard DawningA Must read for manifestation!Very Good book. This is info I can go back n look at several times to get a better understanding. I would buy it a hundred times over. you're trying too hard. It was a great book.He took a lot of the, I read the book in one read it was simple? laws of attraction, ) Please read beyond the lack of editing! what a gimmick but I heard great things about the auth

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