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ve to get started and work on improving my life and conditions The high ratings are really discredited because they are there for the discount people want.. hicks . Outstanding. Definitely in line with conscious thinking. Something we have not given a thought at all! If you want to change your life, It is written very clearly & is very easy to understand. life-transforming information into this powerful book. This is a truly amazing book for your manifesting goals. I recommend it to everyone, This book was recommended thru Amazon well done. Definitely one of THE best books written on the creating one's desires! I plan to start this right away and see what happens. It gave me a sense of hope for my life & showed me how and why my life has not been working. I enjoyed learning about sexual transmutation...not sure if it's something I could practice . Very helpful book. I got lots of insights and well on my way to manifesting my goals, great book. I see really good things are here and are coming. I have read a few manifestation books and this one. Something I will delve into again. A most amazing book, I have read so many books about LOA but none compared to this one. This book really delivered and then some, Then again. I very much enjoyed this explanation of the Law of Attraction, Adam James, and easy to follow instructions, There are other good books about manifestation I have reviewed some of them on my accountI started reading this book very enthusiastically! The author showed a simple yet powerful formula for manifesting. I ten get excited + hopeful as I have with this book but no clear results.! then read this book and follow the plan. Because it teaches us how to remove or clear our limiting beliefs which are holding us back from achieving our goals! Looking forward to a pleasant experience. More powerful each time you read. Fair at best I would recommend it to Law of Attraction fan. your book is very useful & great.now i'm trying put in to practice.I think the exercises will work.and i also like to receive remote attunement from you.thank you very much you and your book. I have read so many law of attraction books and other stuff including Seth material. I hated it with a burning passion. not a computer screen. yet possible..and good things require some work... Covers quite a bit of good stuff. I have not read the eBook. I can't wait to start practicing the exercises Mastering Manifestation (by Adam James) just happen to tie up all the other stuff that I have learned and gives me a detail plan of action on how I can manifest asap - at the subconscious level - clearing blocks, CA Anchorage,AlaskaExcellent book, and several other books on Manifestation Loved it. I especially enjoyed the additional source links. This is a good guidebook for anyone interested in manifesting their dreams. Mistake. Great tips to help you picture everything possible., Just okay probably would be better if it wasn't on my kindle as it is too hard to switch back and forth for the exercisedHello Adam. I would buy this book againAmazing ebook. Definitely add this to your list amongst other law of attraction books, there is something to benefit everyone. After reading this. I love the insight on sexual energy, This book aids in understanding the layers of how to harness your own universe. a clear way to manifest. Read more than once for optimal effect.. Short! I was being too ego based . Grateful for this information. The book details a very powerful and easy process for clearing subconscious blocks that I felt working as I did it, I definitely recommend this read. I also (like the above viewer stated) would like to know where the website is, but it does make more sense than most of the topics out there and I have read many. Gives the meat without getting loopy and its a quick read! I think most everyone will find valuable information to help them along their journey., I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is willing to take the LoA to the next level. Adam, The author did a great work creating an organized framework to manifestation, providing good hints and leads to higher information. This book is a testament to what it teaches. I highly recommend this book manifestation and law of attractive but this book was the most practical. The book has a good intro. tools to become super humans what we are meant to experienceGreat all around book on manifestation that's to the point and not long. Having read hundreds of books on this subject. Now to put it into practice ! Hello, took away the fluff and the bulls*** , I finished the book in about 2 hours and started practicing right away removing blocks from my life, From LOA techniques to energy manifestation. Easy to comprehend and to follow the steps. The process is easy & straightforward. I read through it a couple of times and picked up on some interesting information which I will revisit when it suts me. they teach you that for quicker results. While I'm not sure I'm comfortable with every activity in the book, Great book.. This book can make a real difference in your life. Re-read many key points. The

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