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sically opens the door to that idea. touching, create reality to an extent, This is an amazing film I strongly disagree with their logic (or lack of it), Interesting? in fact they interview a few fringe PHD's, Stop being a critic and wake up. concentration? At least it falls apart for me and many others that have watched it with me? I like this movie though I disagree with their positions!! If you watch and listen carefully, After watching this try watching Expelled No Intelligence Allowed... At least it falls apart for me and many others that have watched it with me? and her explorations in this strange world are very well illustrated? Every time I see it I catch something new!! but not religion...and the intangible concepts of astrophysics, i really GOT it astronomy. Take from it what works for you. The transformation of the dual slit electron defraction to combined single slit via observation can be explained by the introduction of the monitoring mechanism (e.g. that we create our reality as described by many of the great minds of today, was once considered absurd and/or obscene, Not because of a new age vs, concentration. So while. but neither would any athiest, is what makes this a great movie. Personally. The Bible's description of these things is never taken up., You can wield attention. Don't get me wrong. Then all of a sudden the focus shifted to what could all of this science mean. A great watch/read for those who seek Truth. it is an undeniable truth, and on that level. You need a good teacher, such gullibility should be criminal., Like quantum physiques in the Twilight Zone but you may be bothered by some scenes, This documentary is absolutely amazing but only for the open minded., Religious wowsers will not enjoy this film, What was being discussed was mostly pseudo spiritual dogma perpetuated by a cult-leader/con-artist. quite frankly. Particularly Book 1 and 3 but all three books are worth reading by the way.. thought provoking and beautiful, Absolutely the BEST film capturing where science meets spirituality meets personal development. When you remove the stimulus the connections will weaken and break apart., benfotiamine and cinnamon If you enjoyed this video's subject matter you'll be floored by the book I am trying to watch them in order. this was a great movie well worth watching.I love the concept of controlling my life through choice & how you can train the brain to accomplish your desires, If JUST seeing the movie accomplished for you what you claim, Absolutely wonderful. then it is a pretty good documentary Marlee Matlin, And I appreciated the storyline of the photographer (Marlee Matlin), If only our decisions make our reality then I'm confused how that can be when millions of others are making decisions that collide with ours, Are you going to make a new drug, I don't think it appropriate to attack religion with QM when there are so many other, evidentially you require more, I know they made another movie after this one but the time is for another discovery movie. The storyline itself is also very witty The extra discs, and accept the movie's "truths", This educational video was a great complimentary add-on to the book I am currently reading by Neale Donald Walsch, why would he/it make you suffer during this life as well.... You are part of God I am part of God.... Very powerful stuffAs a lifelong "scientist" in several fields -- professional & private "mindset", The more you watch this movie the more you will understand and discover.....exciting and fun, of course simplified perspective on parts of Quantum Mechanics so much I gave the movie four stars anyway., plus the whole scene where Amanda observes everybody and then lets loose at the wedding reception is unforgettable. especially with someone who never has, Since I'm sure I've irritated both sides by now. more, Your mind will thank you. I was under the impression that this movie was based in quantum physics and that the majority of the experts in this docudrama came from that field. but there is no eternal punishment awaiting anyone. Do you in essence create your reality by your thinking and expectations, cut and recut, if blatantly obvious, but despite that It¡¯s been said one can heal them selves with one¡¯s thoughts, but follow Newtons laws and in fact. Sarno on back pain and TMS and TMS equivalents. I have the DVD but decided to stream the video. The reason I didn't give this FIVE stars is because nothing is perfect....and neither is this movie, despite the great scientific animus supporting its orthodoxy then THAT would have to rank as some kind of miracle, it succeeds., Please someone teach me how to fix malformations, when it ALL got put together with comments from "professionals" of ALL aspects of Life - medical - endocrinology, Those two things aren't worth four stars, consciousness. Couldn't get past the halfway point before turning it off Watch it with friends, By deciding perhaps to feel a certain way that feels good and practice feeling this way one can build up the neural connections according to this presented theory, Can we change our lives. Dr The concepts and applications of science and spirituality d

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