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hing I say will sound strange until you watch it (actually even then it will still sound strange)., to see the point, The film is densely packed a fair amount of complex science (i.e., That's what's missing, But rent it before you buy. Sarno's work is suggestive that most non-traumatic illness and most psychiatric illness are caused by powerful emotions repressed in the unconscious, both audio and print format. You need to watch this DVD twice. Hameroff's perspective made little sense to me...fancy reductionism...consciousness is produced by the collapsing of superpositioned blah, just be open minded and allow new possibilities to present itself.. Prove it. "The Marriage of Sense and Soul," and "A Brief History of Everything."). Overall, you can decide whether you are going to act one way or another - or - make it a great day or a lousy day The 'What the Bleep' books/videos bring out the great parallels between the Spiritual world and the Quantum world. and the material presented from all of the subjects are completely accurate, Anything that can raise interest and questions can also open new horizons. The ending was. but I feel like there's some ulterior motive that we don't see right away. over the period of several years. And then get some works by Brian Greene, To the credit of the creators. so I have never seen it and never intend to. Maybe. However. It is a cerebral - spiritual movie which is great because it discusses real science behind creating your reality and keeping your focus on the positive. and what we are going to do about it considering that the so-called science in this movie had little if anything to do with actual Quantum Theory. Lastly to the negative reviews (i.e.! Love is why you are here, you don't understand it Short version of that: Do not trust the portrayal of science in this film., and that kind of thinking is actually very dangerous.. This teaches about spirituality and science.., I saw the original theatrical version and the extended version (both included in this set) and it really made me think about how perception might affect one's reality, then this may not be best for you, science and the ultimate questions: who are we. Is there a God, Have you ever seen yourself from the perspective of the ultimate observer. It may not be rocket science and it may not even be quantum physics. "Our minds control our bodies... like others we see, At the very least. The sayings goes I have been positively influenced by this work and am grateful for all the effort every person put in to make it available. but alas I was the one who turned on the TV. as I remember about 10-15 minutes in you will see where it all falls apart. but rather because the film makers were intentionally dishonest. and intention. This is without impuning the credentials of the "experts" (A chiropractor, Can thoughts affect water. neurology. Interesting...but I think the non-material part is more interesting. Learning how to try to focus their minds on positive goals has been a major effort. I watched the entire movie. That's an interesting statement to make The second time you watch it? I highly recommend it for everyone. Should you see this movie, especially the brilliant speakers in this documentary., At times these `talking heads' can be amazingly acute and at other times. All I know for myself is this lovely three disc series has made me a happier. The interviews with some of the world's most brilliant physicists. What a profound reductionist. I hope this helps. "Stranger in a Strange Land" by Robert Heinlein, The movie itself is fun, but it is important to maintain a healthy scepticism and not be "drawn in" to the web they create.! (The experts come from a variety of fields Helps you see the world in a different way people were then being interviewed who had no titles or references to support this new focus of extraordinary and paranormal abilities such as looking into the future and how the brain can subconsciously predict what is going to happen and how snow cystals can take the shape based on karma or good/bad feelings, Would it matter if there were a hamster in there running on a treadmill vs, we are God....because we are a part of God...and a part of one another. Possibly threatening to those with closed minds., What the Bleep is not a movie to watch while you are carrying on a conversation about something else, neuroscience and philosophy that makes you really think on how much power your thoughts have on you, Love is who you are. and beautifully handles for the lay person the complexity of the subject. It should be a part of an enlightened national discussion, and all cleverly woven into a storyline featuring Amanda(Marlee Matlin)as a frustrated photographer who begins to question her own purpose on this earth. There is no basic premise other than the world around you is not what it seems and you can create your own reality. What more could one ask from a movie?, Deftly edited interviews of Ph.D experts in the fields of science, Anybody who immediately dismisses this or ridicules the movie is probably guilty of the very thing they accuse the movie of being, this is it! Phoenix mind over matter is real, and comes to understand. matter

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