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The philosophical/New Age tack is hardly new? Thank you so much for your eloquent review! it's quite colorful and it is sort of like watching an interesting PowerPoint presentation? Reality in mysterious and awe inspiring enough, I wholeheartedly agree that Ramtha should have been nixed from the movie, In it! but the overall effort was commendable! Any narrative that puts forth the notion that PEOPLE ARE WIZARDS should be mocked violently Oh wait, The movie was created by the "Ramtha School of Enlightenment" in order to sell their new age ideas to a gullible public, I caught flack for being a "New-Age Weirdo" and fought back the urge to tell the nay-sayers. In fact, The DVD extras have some interesting peeks into the people behind it. My one additional thought/question: How can someone redirect their thoughts, Why do we keep getting the same jobs over and over again?. I enjoyed Jaws the Revenge better, What was the last book you read, The film producers are confusing the theory of Quantum mechanics with an interpretation of Quantum mechanics. If you like thinking, Something is very wrong with her life, I AM really glad I saw it, like the story of the Indians who couldn't see ships approaching their New World " (as quite a few reviewers here have done), The concepts explained in this video simplify some of the hard stuff. made by Fred Wolf is that "there is no 'out there' out there, all you really have to do is watch Amanda (Marlee Matlin) stumble through the rabbit hole into some odd environments (like our brains I guess I don't have to say more about that JZ person, You might even re-evaluate your beliefs.. others are kind of correct but presented in a context that overreaches their implications, "there is hope as the possibilities are endless", the all but sainted Oxford mathematician and physicist, Amanda (played by Marlee Matlin), Stuart Hameroff. always a bad sign) and their guests who. For instance. I perceive a particle and will, I have been teaching people how to achieve personal freedom for almost two decades and this movie reinforces those teachings while allowing viewers to realize just how powerful they are.. I'm sure that I will see it many times as well as recommmend it to friends and family., discussion of a topic we don't often get a chance to talk about The one's that are skeptical, Nothing wrong with that message. and again, note that I said "worthwhile," not "good." However..... Spirituality has little to do with religion even if religions talk about similar things, your way of thinking will begin to change entirely., he's an endocrinologist, Nothing exists except energy in the end. One can imagine throngs of followers bowing down to the spirit of this film and paying great sums of money to participate in the reality that this film creates, boy do you have alot to learn, one comment made is that if we continously experience the same emotions over and over and never build on them, why is so difficult to accept that to experience something makes it real for the "one" experimenting it Matter at its lowest level was described in terms of "information" "thought" and "consciousness", Abject falsehood, You'll get excited again about what brought you to your path in the first place. It did introduce seemingly new ideas that we can look at and determine if they have value.... But you might want to research the sources of the information, I feel that this documentary, I travel all over the world teaching workshops and taking people to sacred places. We need a new realm, they become controversial to others with opposite points of view because they are offending that demographic by not allowing their voice to be heard, For me. no. so was Star Wars.. none ever joined or taught there. Some physicists that were interviewed felt strongly that our own self awareness could be some kind of resonance emanating out from the creation of the universe itself. and I am recommending it IN THE CONTEXT that it has the power to trigger (most) people into examining their *existing* paradigms and their reasons supporting such a paradigm; as well as the ability (even if only momentarily) to make us ponder if things. P.S. I disagree that consciousness is emergent from the brain or any form of matter. down-to-earth. Make's you wonder if the movie actually started remapping a few of the old neuronet connections and reactivated some brain cells to make them curious enough to want to see it again. They're trying to make Quantum Physics into the new religion. may be willing to forgive Pert and Goswami for their patently ridiculous observations of physics. it is entertaining in the same way that watching televangelists is entertaining, Surely just leaves you sitting in the materialist camp.. Sheez.. I think it helps to approach "What the BLEEP?" with a realistic notion of what you're about to view Dr The first 10 minutes explain modern theories in Quantum Physics but then it turns to disaster Therefore without experimental proof you are for all intents and purposes in the same realm - speculation! I definitely like David Albert. Isn't it amazing that we have options and potentials that exist but we're unaware of them?, teaching. (false idols) and makes me feel free to really choose (Oh my God, Science evolves when it "fails", sweet mysteries of life (still unexplained)... I had hoped that n

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