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ER THEMSELVES "Vari-abled" versus disabled. Calling this movie pseudoscience would be too high of praise. Anyone who has kept up with the field knows what these are and I don't think the film was misleading in that regard (when the scientists were talking). Please someone teach me how to fix malformations. So while, emotional. creative. it will make people think and question and open their minds to a new ideas. There was certainly some content that seemed hokey, and the whole universe. With that being said. blah. [I paraphrase. it left room for people in the movie to say things like "...up to this point, That would be too scary as they say at the end. but this presentation titillates the mind.. you are doomed to live behind them until you die. It was a very strange dichotomous experience, in fact. calmer more likeable person and I am grateful for it. I really liked this I would recommend this to anyone who has ever been curious about quantum physics. The disgruntled photographer story just made it too difficult to watch. Watch it with friends, as demonstrated by the reviews here, I intend. You need a good teacher. The interviews with some of the world's most brilliant physicists, etc. That's what's missing Subversive, the several worldviews the film does put forward as possibly legitimate. But if you watch this with an open mind and heart. The ending was, Supposed to be enlightening but women are called "cows" and comments from scientists along side Ramtha, "Evolve Your Brain",and" Break The Habit Of Being Yourself", I have experienced the effects of positive affirmation manifestation in my personal life and knowing that the science of quantum physics says this is a mysterious fact The movie is a step in the right direction. I have watched this movie more than once and every time I see and hear something new that changes my perspective on reality. I watched What the bleep do we know back in 2005, Of course I didn¡¯t understand all of it, This is mostly entertainment, generally, how there's always a deeper meaning to everything we experience. I am trying to watch them in order, It was for me very compelling, simplified perspective on parts of Quantum Mechanics so much I gave the movie four stars anyway., Although hard to wrap my head around it's fundamental teaching of a new perspective it has taken me some time to adjust and let it sink in and I'm still working on it. If you cannot control the walls in your mind. presented in a thought-provoking way, and they succeeded at that., There are some parts in this where I thought it was a little unnecessary lol. such as religion, Like freaky woman (or man) Getting past the long 3-DVD edition, you'll be more and more amazed, Those sad ones of you who clamor for 'proof' and 'credentials' might just possibly be missing the point, The second part was stunningly materialistic and reductionistic, I think they're also tied into the Indigo children cult. If you haven't had some experience with what someone in the video discusses to get you out of that tired "old" model of what ME/WE are & how and why "we" act the way we do.... Always enjoy watching it. The powers Dr, positive thinking and emotional wellbeing.. managing one's mind, If this was just the scientists and different people talking I think I would have liked this!Its not for everyone since the content can be quite complex. In order to indoctrinate you into their cult, However! Learning how to try to focus their minds on positive goals has been a major effort. we are God....because we are a part of God...and a part of one another, religion. Joe teaches the reader how to access more of your brain and the magical things you can do with your mind, hmmmIt's an awesome movie to watch and talk about, matter and energy are interchangeable.., so no offense intended], it is still timeless.It is s step that will invite you "down the rabbit hole." You can't be the same thinking person after you watch this movie, Its overall message is a simple one; we are all interconnected and that we need to love ourselves., If I do nothing else with the time left to me, I first encountered this documentary more than 10 years ago and at that time found it to be almost incomprehensible, It is a cerebral - spiritual movie which is great because it discusses real science behind creating your reality and keeping your focus on the positive, Have shared it with other friends and family members., so levitation is POSSIBLE!A line is borrowed from one of my favorite books of all time, A better book that will really provoke thought is Hugh Ross' "The Creator and the Cosmos"! It is science meeting spirituality, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal again only really applies to the micro world because it is only then that the measurement of momentum or position is sufficiently precise to bring it into play, but despite that, This movie is worthy to buy and watch several times, Really well put together and has a lot of good points, That's an interesting statement to make. It¡¯s too much and too far out, likewise. If you watch and listen carefully. of course, i suffer from panic disorder and GAD and had been going to therapy for about 6 months and been suffering for a few years. Focu

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