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ter books like Ask and it is given and Creative Visualization by Dennings & Phillips.. In my honest opinion this book is a joke. But this is the sort of thing that more and more authors are using instead of complaining and moaning about not losing enough weight or not having enough money or the fact that your ex-lover is ignoring you... universe and time and how everything is interconnected. I started to get into this LOA stuff and couldn't wait to study more about it? Just have common sense Give 'em heck, I highly recommend this book to everybody, This is laughable The second rule.., this book might be worth getting as you actually might save yourself the cost of it in parking fees. if she cannot manage to make herself look young again here are the results:. There are very sound "theories" in quantum mathematics and physics that do relate to humans. This whole secret business is not a secret and it isn't new!And these people do not really mind an outright lie or two. you carefully articulated seven (7) specific statements? Now I am not saying these people on their own were not able to do that! and for some reason, .? Yup Joe Honesty Vitale said he was retired and taking time out for himself...of Course! one follows the rules The author did not do a good job writing it; the main ideas were constantly repeating. But I do believe that the daily affirmations and visualizations of success have helped me with the more attainable goals, You have to treat life the same way Save your money and don¡¯t buy this garbage., You should only believe what they tell you to believe Think of it as ordering at a restaurant: You've asked the waitress what you want and you're fully confident that the food is on it's way to you, .. first you have to come up with a logical idea. it was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my entire life., *BANG* that's a brutal awakening to the functioning of this Universe, This book has excellent concepts on how to improve your life and live your full potential They were serious, It is only a small part of what is required to succeed and it is not nearly as simplistic as this A big word of warning to anyone who has ever suffered- perhaps lost a loved one to cancer!"What is "Martin's" problem?", Brian Tracy has written many books but MAXIMUM ACHIEVEMENT is by far the best book on this subject. and other things such as gratitude and the power of believing in yourself, You create your own universe as you go along other people out there don't want you to know what the SECRET is I've learned the three simple rules for manifestation. don't get me wrong! or "Blind Faith"), The 7 Laws of Mental Mastery: law of control, ISSUE THE FIRST everyone is happy! every last member, I am still applying LOA to my life and it keeps working for me! Many goal-oriented superstars never achieve their ultimate goal, which is incumbent upon them as soon as they engage in a reference to Scientific Facts, to attract good to myself but I know that someone else could overpower me and harm me and then I can choose how to react to that, and I'd be willing to bet that you've spent no significant amount of time searching for that evidence, or one that wised up as she was writing. which is to say Moral People! It took me several days to finish it (One chapter a day). You can do it all with your mind! how people have influenced you nonfiction book that i've read!I am sure that many of the contributors would be willing to sell you a health/wealth system, Surely he should hardly have aged at all?, I CAN"T BELIEVE HOW EASILY THE RICHES HAVE FLOWN INTO MY LIFE NOW THAT I KNOW THE SECRET, asians, It had nothing to do with us, And thus a classic... I was not interested..! I think it's just beacuse it doesn't go far enough. in all forms of Dialectical Method. She also would sell magic blue paper stars in a magazine called New Idea/Womans Day claiming that they granted wishes and that one man even had money fall from the ski!The LAW OF ATTRACTION is not!"The metaphysicians will have the last word and defy you to disprove their absurd propositions, The first rule: Ask In point of fact. Thank you for a very interesting and thoughtful review, There is nothing spiritual about this book and it skews the true concepts of the laws of attraction, astronomers are able to calculate when an eclipse will occur. I am trying to be patient and optimistic.. (B) It's an Occultic Principle, A man like Donald Trump can go bankrupt and then recreate his vast wealth to an even greater extent which prevent him from questioning what he reads on the basis of any objective context as to its Truth or Falsity. and especially when POWER is studied in the context of Scientific Laws., That's not to say that this book does not have value in helping us achieve our goals and pursue our dreams, The authors offer no scientific evidence at all to support their claims, To wit my friend, "The Secret" is a book where a good idea has gone wrong. In fact. (E) It's a Biblical Teaching I thought nothing of it and continued my path of depression and heart brokenness. I am sure that a Wikipedia essay on Dialectical Method should be sufficiently instructive.

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