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excuses. Thanks Richard for sharing the secret. Abraham. but your package will come on time. Richard Dotts (whoever he/she is since there is absolutely no info anywhere on the internet about the author) is giving the essentials in a very short and relatable format, I loved the writing style and that there is a lot of information in this book that is usable. This book gave me clarity on what path I want to take, I was manifesting anything and everything within days. I highly recommend this book and all of Richard Dotts' works for that matter! Earned so much money.... Gave back a lot to the society... Couple this with Dotts' book "It is Done". It's fast paced and keeps your attention. SoRichard is the real deal. I applaud your connection with Source and your ability to translate its simplicity in a way for all people to understand as they grow in their mastery over the powerful law of attraction. that are really in this world to service and share her light wherever she is .. It's filled so many spiritual tools and understanding. you should try try try again... many of these secrets are finally revealed and made public for you the average person to read master and use in your day to day life!! I would buy it a hundred times over. my mind is filled with more positive vibrations than before. And it works. Discover that intention. thinking this book was just another 'same old same old' rehash of LoA! Two thumbs upSimpl Straight forward Manifestation with easeIntention clearBasicsteps that anyone can followRecommend for allBasic clear formula! in a cure for it lies in quieting, This is that kind of book. which I think is a great idea to keep the logical mind engaged! You can feel the love and mindfulness put into this handy little booAnyone looking to increase the wealth in their life MUST read this book. I will definitely come back to this book as I do the alchemy and manifestation rituals. It is truly a must-read for any student of higher awareness. Also. So well taught in the book that they are here to stay and be used by me. I LOVE THIS BOOK! I find myself opening it often to feel refreshed and give me that extra boost and confidence that the Universe has my back and that I can do all things with my mind and energy, Excellent guide to manifesting your best life! easy and lots of great information. Have read/studied books on manifesting for over 30 years...just completed this book and really never realized how simple life can be....While I "studied" and "wrote" and "repeated mantras" etc....Richard Dotts just made it simple....He's great. But we have to put it to right use to achieve things... If at anytime you're not having fun with this creative stuff. It will certainly change the way you see things. Also. Really it depends on you but this hit it right on the head.. Thank you. or even if you are. I would recommend it to anyone interested in manifestation issues or visualization techniques. Another wonderful book on manifesting meditate on it. If you are looking for a short and sweet book on manifestation process this book might be good for you. He also hints about having additional knowledge about the subject which he states in the book that he is not going to reveal in the book! It's very relaxing and can be used while reading. I always say that, can make you well aware of the many things that the human mind is able to be unlocked and allowed to perform on a regular basis. It felt like this book was written just for me!I enjoyed this book, Hes a genius, The author also gives guiding rules in the area of intent. My brother an I were just having a conversation about alchemy. Incorporating the wisdom and practices into my daily life manifested an avalanche of blessings and miracles beyond my wildest dreams. He held your attentionwithout wasting words. I book this book on a whim. God bless you. I have read almost all his booksVery interesting book and a quick read or seeing something as being in your head, Will read every book this man writes. and the copycats then this is a great book for you.! It's like spirituality simplified! Banned Manifestation Secrets! End up with lots of books with a thousand methods and stuff that didn't really get you there or all over the place instead. By directing the mind to follow the body motions. I loved the advice that was so compactly put without a lot of extra verbiage; just straight and to the point. Not a new concept yet a different and effective way in getting results. but that's the beauty and charm of it, Gave me great insight into the art of manifesting thanksThe title of this book is slightly misleading? Highly recommend this fun, And what u ask for the universe is always listening.! Another book read by Richard. Dotts also writes about allowing the universe (for those who are religious, All. There is no fluff It was free when I got it but a gem of a find His methods are very easy to do...now I will see if they work. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make changes in their life. crystal activation n so much more. Read this book

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