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commend it to all. Then in about a day or two? Thinking paying more will guarantee the excellent description is not always full proof., Wayne Dyer. I would highly recommend this book it is quick reading and the ideas shared are very logical and motivational, There is no secret to life. I have the DVD and the audio soundtrack, I've seen the DVD but I wanted a refresher so I bought the book! The CDs are also in very good shape. nothing that is truly proven. One of the best books you will ever purchase and it really works., HelenI valued all the contributors who wrote content for this book. I have followed "The Secret" since my class in metaphysics years ago! hear or see If you will read this with God in mind and how he created the Universe every thing will make sense, God Bless, Many things that you may already know but an excellent concentration of ideas and ideologies? I listen to it almost everyday and I hear something new each time for you it is untrue, Seim are reading. Thank God everything goes back to normal pretty soon.. (A) How they were THINKING to begin with., This spiritual experience should not be a money making proposition. I have bought several of these books and the matching DVD and have given them out as gifts Provides great spiritual insights for persons of all faiths, Read this book. Jesus said "And greater things will you do." This book is all about reaching from within and affecting change for yourself and for others! and there is some water damage which I noticed when I took the jacket off! It can be life changing. what is the chance that their analysis and review of a book is going to be reasonably accurate and sensible. this book is great to carry around or to have on your nightstand to revisit The Secret frequently. nothing wrong with the seller or delivery of product.. Its changed my life. and its feel good la.. la.. land mentality it gives the reader. I was surprized at how someone could actually mail this book to a buying customer. etc You have to be more open minded and read it. I loved this book it has helped have a new out look on life it is easy to follow and read. The only one who could interpret the dream was Joseph. they want to walk again, I am a better woman for it.. Thank you. not this junk., Can't we all just get along?. This is a great CD,,,,i love lestening to the words at work. This book should appeal to a broad base of people who are interested in finding a way to be more successful or more wealthy. Can't wait to see what unfolds and the new insight as I read, you should get an e-mail confirmation that your order was accepted within minutes, Now. This book turned my life around and I refer back to it often when I am at a stand still in life, highly recommend this read, Too hard to take seriously. instead of in yourself!!! this is a great first step, Every day I am better in every way. over and over again. You realize how much your thoughts are the key to your happiness! Boring book! Do something good for yourself and read this book. I recommend this to everyone who is searching for answers and would like to improve their future, Lesson here is God blessed Joseph not the Universe.. But you would be the type of person that would believe the doctor. I already had the hardcopy, This book is truly inspirational and I have recommended to several of my friends! I truly believe that like attracts like, I purchased for studying english.. This is a must read! I might point out that she didn't really "write" this book, the author, but I benefited GREATLY from reading it. We don't have to bring up an extreme example like the Holocaust to look at ourselves and our lives and see where our lack of focus may have led us astray from our dreams, DVD is easy to listen to in the car David said he came here on the name of the Lord. The Secret is my #1 recommendation to everyone who wants to change their life. How to manifest it is now the challenge, I could not even finish reading this book. If just must of the people had access to this book, but I can't read with my eyes closed. It's well worth the few dollars. It's all about faith. Us Americans are blessed in this Country Others may say that's the application of faith.. This CD set was very well presented, Was your book a direct Amazon order, it worth the moneyThis product is great, Thanks again, then opened the book. Gosh, sincere. If you are looking for ways to get ahead in your life and live like you have always known it's possible, I agree with the principles in the book and it totally makes sense to me, I ordered the paperback & got the hardcopy which I was & am not happy about, It makes a difference in your life if you read it. I am japanese., forget about. I realized it was making me think, All things that exist. this should lay that question to rest.. Who wouldn't want that to happen to them. The Universe will put us in the right situations at the right time, so far I've found it to be relaxed easy reading of general knowledge which we tend to either ignore. life changing. "THE SECERET' bro

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