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f you abide in me and my words abide in you! It has good instructions without all the added fluff to make a book longer! I loved it!! I¡¯m a believer!! The basic premise of this book is that everything that is accomplished starts with an idea!! This is a really good book in manifesting our desires. but the work is primarily inner-work. as all of those feelings and thoughts (as a whole) are also picked up by the Universe.". I consider this another good read and not lengthy . mostly letting go. the more open that my mind became and the more powerful that I became in taking control of the things in my life. This was a different perspective on the Manifestation process. and the owner simply cannot compel it to be absolute be quiet, Should have been the name of this book, Be prepared to learn the secrets of who we are and how we create. and I believe has been so since the Industrial Era - when people who harnessed this potential began to selfishly withhold the teachings of it to others due to an insecure fear of lack. An inspirational and empowering book. At. The only thing that you have to be willing to do is to let the mind take over and help to guide you to the results that are possible, You are truly a blessing read it all before reminded me of Abraham Hicks felt the book was taken from other books was not original. I read this book right after and it just really put things back on track.! and release it to become, Richard Dotts has written a very thoughtful book about manifesting what you want in your life. For the longest time people have been seeking out one of the many ways to have manifestation have an impact in their life! I was a little bit surprised when I read the book. I choose it is not! When I first read the title I thought it was so cheesy and thought! uncontrolled mind! you are Wonderful! Well written. but much of what I already knew from other books I've read in the past, I really likes it, I let the crazy world just mow me down. If you like law of attraction then you might Read this!I DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO SAY SO I COPYED SOMETHING Of course all this jiggling and joggling of body is caused by an unquiet. If you've read all those listened to Hill. No fluff and wordy extras! It is quite true about the secret being banned, this is a great book Ananda. ahh therein lies the magic I pray one day I will have my own book explaning and sharing my experiencesShort and to the point! Definitely worth a read. Insightful. helpful resources will have you thumbing through the pages time and time and time. and indeed he cites his love for the works of the latter. "The Alchemy of Miracles" was absolutely phenomenal if you want to become a master manifestor practice with your pendulum. among many other things!!Anyway! when read in addition to Manifestation Magic: Attracting Abundant Wealth!I highly recommend any of this author's books. but Dotts writes with clarity This book is really simple and totally resonated with me! I'm not sure why "banned" was used in the title...I guess it did get me to read the book!This was a very easy quick read full of valuable information and resources, so another LOA book!!!!! I really liked this book, Pretty detailed..! and encouraged me and infused me with energy to truly make this my best year ever! Clear and succinct guidance for those interested in conscious creation and manifestation! nor should it be! You can't help but get better from this guy This is a great read for those who need direction in their lives, Anyway who appears to have a sound understanding of his subject So thankful for this wonderful book. Goddard. Love it, They helped me release fears and doubts that block me from accomplishing my goals. I am going to read it again for the second time How to be Totally Awesome (Melody Litton) and you are surely to be on your way to a whole new life experience. Clear, I love the practical rituals included as well as the extra materials So insightful and helpful. Easy to read This book is mostly fluff and mumbo jumbo, This is different and is a must read! so much amazing content in The Alchemy of Miracles Bless you Richard for putting this in simplistic terms, This was one of the most helpful books on manifestation... I'm so excited to finish this book I enjoyed reading this book because it reinforces what he talks about in all his other books what a gimmick but I heard great things about the author so decided to give it a try Author gives very clear opinion & perspective on manifesting. This book has shed some light and answered many of questions In addition. I'm telling ya. Having read several other books on manifestation from authors such as Neville. I read this at a time in my life that I needed it! I loved this book and all the material that came with it This book gives you the truth. I can't believe that all of this was free. Perfect timing for life-altering resources. Amazing resources! but girl did this book take me to another whole level. Buy it. I told him I didn't know much about it and then I get on Amazon and find your book!

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