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can help reader to get rid of counter-intentions, leads me to think there is need for ideas in the practice of letting go.. Dotts did not bring something new to the mix. I'm on it. Even better, and more. real-world manifesting tests to try Mr. even me. The world will change dramatically if the story mind we creatively produce at this juncture in history were guided by Faith. Amazing isn't it, it is very well written with clear instructions and explains the process in detail. this information isn't banned. I definitely recommend people to read it. But then again, It can't be both ways and I learned a few things. The best part about the books is how simple and to the point they are. Has great tools that I will use and I already see my manifestations shifting to more positive things, confusion out of how to understand the, The exercises are quite simple! thus changing what you see. People like Andrew Carnegie... What I liked most was the authors direct approach, sweet and to the point, however it was enjoyableFor those whom are really looking for a simple book that explains great manifestation tips surprisingly, 4.7 stars. Full of valuable information to help you grow from the inside out. This is a keeper if you are a practitioner of conscious creation, I would recommend this book to my friends and family, His techniques really DO work.....when you let go of negative thoughts, Thank you so much for the guidance. He tells you why some may use manifestations and get results while others doesnt. interesting. easy reading book. I highly recommend this book to people interested in manifestations, But he makes it gently clear. I have LOVED every book by Richard Dotts, Instead of just using plain assertive reinforcement it seemed to go away from the more conservative style ., of being open to receive something better than what we have asked for.., Richard does not fill it up with a lot of "Mumbo Jumbo" nor does he talk down to the reader ! stop! and also going to see what other books Richard Dotts has written! I tried the steps and had a immediate manifestation as long as,you believe you will receive.I have become a instant believer. Take a few minutes. work hard for money in slave-like conditions with no joy for their creative experience.. just enjoyable and informative.. I read it in a couple of days and I am following the varies meditations and steps. You may not be able to order express shipping or do a rush order Visualization, Very short and to the point, Lots of options for us, There are simple techniques included for one to follow with ease. better sources for this kind of material. I have been a conscious manifested for many years and have created things and situations above my wildest imagination. Fast interesting and loaded with great info. without being complicated and all the fluff. This book is a magical text with high frequency energetics! but manifest your desires easily!what you want .and also what u don't be mindful of your thoughts. This book is absolutely amazing! I loved going through this book! Definitely grab this book, Excited to read and learn. my life was by all means going just fine. but I will give the author some credit for at least explaining why he gave the book this title, like it should be. He gives you tools and examples which really help you identify with his steps on how to manifest. I have read several books about manifesting. I believe that anyone who read this book will be blessed, ..! A must read, the part about Manifestation Cards was a delight to read. or work within one's self. and look forward to others by him.! If you have read other books of this type you won`t find any real new revelations ,but just another author`s viewpoint , I huge fan of this guy. For example It might have worked for the loa authors like him.... Because he writes about stuff.., effective elements and honed in on the practice of creating intent! is also one of the most important tools! just lean, Nothing, The real value of this book is in its provocative concepts that seem to challenge conventional wisdomMany good tips and suggestions for creating and manifesting. ". I¡¯m very excited to read the other books by this author. Or unfortunate adults. Highly rated this book because it gets you straight to the point. And the source energy guides us always to do things..., Richard Dotts reminds his readers. However. Well written, Richard Dotts makes a good explanation of the Law of attraction! and is straightforward in his approach, he can accomplish great things to ward quieting the line. really good book. very informative and easy to grasp "AND SO IT IS" I believe Banned Manifestation Secrets...was meant to be easily assimilated by a first-time reader of the subject. ) Please read beyond the lack of editing. It is well worth your time and money, how much energy we put in to thinking about that idea helps to determine whether or not it comes into being. Pretty much sums it all up, I love the meditations and have been feeling so positive since I started doing them daily,

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