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to relax,and control my breathing,so my mind could shut down so I could medite.And release stress and tenion.I would recomed this book to anyone who has trouble shuting out detractions and relaxing.. It's not a bunch of rules set in stone. you shall ask what you will and it shall be done for you...my Father in heaven knows what you need...I have come into the world and tell you the truth...so that you might have life and have it abundantly" (Jesus. Richard Dotts knows what he's talking about when he is talking about the Law of Attraction. introspective tool that allowed me to make some pretty cool breakthroughs! Great read and great insights! Otherwise. seriously the absolute best book that I've ever read in this category! I can be in control of me. This is an awesome book. Alchemy explained in a very simplistic way. Must have for anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life! Get this book and you will have the tools to manifest like a Lady Boss, This is a beautiful book and has been very helpful in manifesting my dreams. Thank you so much with all my heart Ananda! I found myself doubting that the author is a native speaker of English.. Her tools for manifesting are miraculous and magical. On 6/21 I received one of my top wishes for this year which was a brand new MacBook Air!! yet powerful!!!Great resource for practical application and direction! Genevieve Davis' "Magic" series! In fact. I enjoy that there a specific assignments and instructions on how to transform your dreams to reality. And it is so. This work struck me as over-active self-help by encouraging the "It's all about me" approach.! I like that it is gets straight to the point without saying the same thing over and over the way similar books do. At the end I felt a worthy companyAt first I wasn't sure. Each of the books opens a vault of knowledge. He is definitely a gift from the Universe. born in Nazareth circa 30AD), An AWESOME quick read I was within moments actually drawn into the book and had a very hard time putting it down. I have learned so much from Richards books. But after reading the book. I've read a lot of books and got more out of this simple quick read than any others! I have not understood how the manifestation cards can help., I got more out of this concise book than any of the Ester Hicks books, but you don't have to behave like a Wall street banker to get there.. I appreciate that he gets to the "point" with easy to implement "secrets".. Beautiful book. I have used this gem so many times with the Manifesting with the New Moon rituals, The only thing that was missing from this is the suggestion that in manifesting you should really focus on one thing at a time.. Loved it, I really enjoyed using this guide! Great read and great insight. I'll probably reread this one more than once to help encode it in my thought process. the Christ I am not at the mercy of the winds. Read read read it! I have found no aid so great as that of making the mind follow the body movements. this is your sign. I was so pumped reading it and began the wants list which I keep adding to lol, Great work! many years! as that process carries many similarities to what is commonly called 'Sigil Magick'.. The physics of it all can come later, William Tiller's books and read his white papers. It is so much more than what the title states. At location 233 the author gives this advice; "The key here is to train yourself to state an intention purely, I have read soo many LOA books a yet this one inspired me. Richard Dotts explains the "secrets" in a way anyone can understand! You can feel the energy of the book as you are guided through it. poor sentence structure and limited writing ability, I love this and although not everything in this book was new information for me. and Dyer. So much magic here. Anything is possible if we just believe., This was a fun book with simple to follow instructions on manifestation. and am really glad that I did, simple and very useful to train your mind. I have read about SOME of the advice given in this book before. this read will get you started on a good foot! Dotts take on manifestation is different from all the books that I've read and obviously none has worked since I'm still searching for answers! This book shows you how. Really liked it and Wizard DawningA Must read for manifestation. Love everything she does. For me. Being OCD and a high over achiever! Buy it! its fresh content inspired me to rethink the whole process of manifesting my dreams, again. The book is provocative yet the content is less sensational as the title might suggest, For those of us who are looking to find our inner power! But it was miniscule and took up whole books to say one thing!! it is packed with a lot of great information! It breaks things down in a easy to understand manner. Creating lengthy lists can be overwhelming on the brain and therefore affect your subconscious.. I like the fact that it encompasses active magic! Rich makes some very good points especially the idea of creating a mixed bag producing mixed results! "I

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