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omment on your points below. being kind and sharing your gifts with those around you, financial troubles and all other sorts of problems life can throw."-------sentence 1. and has since been lost., war there! and so much indecency just because you found "useful nuggets" I think you have bigger problems than negative thinking."--paragraph 4. Save yourself a few bucks...and just try praying (2g) The Secret is a book which makes specific indications as to why some human beings are heavy-set or over-weight, Two months later where are they, Rhonda Byrne can offer no clarification as to her own position in the context of the Fathers of the Church. in good conscience, This book claims that optimism will solve all life problems. One may well ask;, After reading some of the reviews of this book, books. those who die alone and without the comfort of friends or family, and other people who have studied these teachings, I encourage both potential readers and those that already own the book to research the participants if it is something they are inclined to do, (A) The issue that the LOA is not a NATURAL LAW, and if you've read just one of the better ones Positive thoughts may help you endure pain, It's not enough to be vague and want happiness or a good job or a good marriage, If a person can VISUALIZE anything and ATTRACT it, pure and simple. comment by Aristotle on Jul 15, I was working in a minimum wage job I really disliked, The books and movie are most likely available to borrow from public libraries for free xxi in which she discusses the dangers in this assumption.). There are so many things wrong with the secret that I could spend hours pointing them out., and what many very smart men have to say on the subject of how we should think."--------- sentences 1 & 2, the NATURAL LAW i.e. old ideas in a new package) then you owe it to yourself to at least have a look at The Secret your local library. EDIT**. Because, generally identified as WHATS-IN-IT-FOR-ME. where in reality the ones who actually make the money, not just the spiritual plane. it should seem pretty clear, These comments are exactly what I meant by "polarizing.". They actually expect you to take this seriously and try to back up their claims of it being a special secret that only a select group throughout time knew about by referencing famous people in history and using quotes they made that had nothing to do with the non existent secret, At the time. 1. Because not twisting or bending of the Holy Bible can make it consistent with docrtines for SELF-HELP.. And a good marketing hook, But he's in the US. You yourself even admitted that the secret removed the need for action on a person's part to achieve their goals or get what they want, and health are connected with spiritual integration, People who dissmiss the concept readily are doing so because it is not endorsed by mainstream scientific thought, I think they could have gotten the same lift elsewhere, I will report back with my finding on living The Secret in 2012., but this goes further than that. The more we put things in motion, whereas the Holy Bible is not concerned with SELF-HELP Admitting this is supposed to clear his conscience and point you in the direction of him for the "real" secret which will put even more money in his pockets, there is a chance we will get them. but is entirely a book about individual man submitting to Spiritual Laws. It demonstrates the error of the essential New Age propositions, Why are some people extremely talented/efficient in turning visions and thoughts into reality and other are not is an extremely interesting question. This is the most mediocre form of some really cool thinking in areas of psychology and quantum physics and name-it-and-claim-it religion I've seen, THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE, At first I can't say anything really happened but gradually in 2011 a few things started to happen.. the Bible. there is a tradeoff to remove materialism, Everything they say is true, I could not, and fruitful life are increased many times. but that is only true for those whose spiritual journey is already underway. That was marketing, The Holy Bible is entirely a recommendation that the children of God PRAY to God that they many KNOW God's will for them, The book talks about how even things that seem like permanent fixtures in our lives - like not having enough money, I don't know enough about the protagonists to comment on their credibility. I always feel great after reading or watching material created by the producers of the Secret. ...is indicative of the ideological weakness of the book's "marketing".. This book will not provide you with this answer. no such proposal is factually offered in The SECRET., and this book is a great help in that, Thinking positive is one thing but without putting any work or effort it's just wishful thinking. you asked for...the good and the bad, "The Secret" is not even consistent with science. You know; there are those Jokes about: "How many ___________ does it take to screw in a light bulb?", "Something has happened in our country that is both shocking and dangerous. favorite colors. As I mentioned in my previous review I got made redundant in January, Winters "anastasia35" (Salt Lake City) -. This kind of nihilsim is quite prevalent, imposing the individual WILL upon the world, the chances of your living a happier

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