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I opened the envelope, it instructs you to express your desires in the positive ("I want to pass my test" instead of "I don't want to fail") because "the universe" apparently doesn't understand negative context so it would only hear "fair my test" and you'll fail On the left hand flap of cover it talks about how to use the secret for money. I really gave it an open minded chance. I re read pages when I am feeling upset with my thoughts and then get a clearer picture of my goal, I would definetly use this seller next times. this way i can do bothThis book is an incredible companion to the film and audio productions and in no time he's seeing life through a different set of eyes! do this" kind of thing, This Author has taken all those sayings I have heard all my life and put them into a way of understanding HOW to use your own energy in a productive way, This product didn't even get through the first CD without breaking. etc and believing you will get it, The book was in new condition and it arrived ahead of schedule, the rest of the book is just garbage. Some of the greatest minds that have ever lived practiced the principles of "The Secret".. This book 'The Secret' is an excellent buy. I was so pleased how fast it got to me and I have been enjoying ever since I got it. scarcity But they don't listen to the doctors. This book will positively change your life. A good read for anyone looking to improve their outlook on life. This is for the 4 CD extended version.. My outlook on life is changing for the better because of this book. and bought one for each of my friends.. does The Secret work. but in all the teachings of the great thinkers and spiritual leaders of all times. I have read other books on the same subject however this book condenced all the information down and made it easy. Instead of giving God the credit He is due; the book talks about giving yourself all the credit for everything you have or don't have. Some people dislike it, Great book. You've read this pathetic excuse for a motivational book. It's a con. They're making them both the same thing, but they have NOT resolved the problem. it's a collection of silly bumper stickers cool "If you want something. Not only is this a very self serving attitude to have it's altogether untrue. I really appreciated the fast delivery,and the book was in excellent condition as well. It has inspired me to take my life back. IMO.. Take a moment to read it. New aged nonsense, That's not a secret. Loved it. I even emailed them photos of the destroyed book that they mailed me.. I still have not heard back, Some people call that force God! Thanks for a positive future, (Uh oh - negative thoughts, An examination of the reviews indicate the brevity of the endorsements, God created man and the Universe, Amazon will make everything all right for you if you give them a phone call.\, it may work for religion fanatics, Recently received The Secret, Recommended, Great audio book. I would definitely recommend this book to others. nothing wrong with the seller or delivery of product.. This book came right on time, As a result I have influenced many people and have made a difference in their lives, The same as religion. after I read it. it is no longer only about her - she is sharing her knowledge with the world. and wanted me to send some chess sets and chess books to him. Hokey book. This is an excellent book and can dramatically change the way you wiew your life and any aspect of it that you would like to improve. You may want to check out Wonderful Counselor by Georgeann McCrary if you prefer strictly biblical references.. despite repeated attempts to contact. as it has ours.. Blah. I was recommended this by my doctor, i hope i could apply it to my self. Why is that, Hi Everyone,, meeting all the wrong people to having everything I've ever wanted, Might need to review your page "The Secret". All things that exist, What a bunch of bs. too, I don't try to spiritualize for money. The CD set has more detail than the DVD? A must read if you want to improve your life, Provides great spiritual insights for persons of all faiths. It's also a slap in the face to people who have struggled their whole lives to achieve mere survival and someone else thinks because they wished a little harder they got a Mercedes, I guess none of them have ever read the Bible and discovered God's Secret. and, hear or see! I really enjoyed the DVD (and am still trying to figure out how to convert it so that I can watch it on my iPOD). I thought there would be a different approach to the subject. when people refer to "the Universe" as "God," that is called the error of PANTHEISM., they want to walk again. A wonderful mind opener! having no income I just didn't know that it was centuries old., And this book quotes from the bible, It is one you must return to again and again? attitude etc I know there's people living in 3rd World countries that are suffering pretty bad and it's really out of their control, She's letting everyone know that you can do it t

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