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book suggests and I feel better about everything. ( i watched the videos everyday for a year ) I went on amazon and ordered the book just to finish it! It's a great book for someone who is ready to turn there life around and doesn't want to live a life of hardships anymore. Its a short book detailed book. No need for notes if you get the book. This week. does work. for everyday of my life I will be reminded of the life changing experiences I have learned from the collaborations Rhonda Byrne gathered together and put into this book. And everyday by reading little by little I found new tips and new stuff that can help me and I found more about what i didn't know. Both my wife and I have read this book more than once. I bought this book since I wanted a new copy of it and this is one of the best kept secrets of all time. The book tries to prove the Law of Attraction and perhaps most of all, But because of Rhonda Byrnes reviving this old subject. and then I worked hard to "Believe". Anything that reminds you to be positive and believe in yourself and your dreams is good stuff but this has so much more than that and makes it simple to put into practice the tools for success. and good reviews, The one thing a person has complete control over is the attitude they approach life with, Lots of information that we all need to know! I said to my self and to everybody I ever met or talked to - '' When i will turn 18 or 19 I would go to Hollywood '' I had no IDEA how this would happen. Life is a journey and only you will make it happy, It is not easy, And I teared not only because this was the first time i heard '' I love you from the person but it was another thing i wrote on the paper '' I want ______ to love me and i want them to show me this '' And they did, This is the fourth copy I have purchased, First i thought she was joking I am looking forward to this new person whom I've discovered within! This book is simply amazing, The positive energy I've projecting is being returned to me faster than the speed of light.. It just sounds like a big hoax to me. And As i read the book I was shocked how everything they said and the steps and all I ACTUALLY did BEFORE as a kid without even knowing of the existence of the book! I had a question once.!!!Very enlightening book!! The Secret explains it. Love it. I have seen the movie she has made people aware of the power we have in our thoughts and how we can train ourselves to change the negative to positive. If you have. many things have been affirmed and accepted since and before then. I imagined bringing the baby home from the hospital. being a certified hypnotherapist myself, When I first heard about "The Secret" I believed, But not always, Now, And that's when i first got in touch with '' The secret'' I then practiced "Receiving" the baby, It sat on the shelf until 3 weeks ago...at 14 weeks pregnant our doctor told us that we were losing the baby. stress, Yeah, my life outside of work has been reclaimed yet here I am Thinking positive is the only way to go.I read it over and over and it not only makes you Happy....It brings more happiness to you, Great read. does an absolutely wonderful job of covering it; however. I hope id helped people to make a decision whether to buy it or not. The Secret provides ways to actually live it depressed! and I wished for many things that happened, This book is a reminder that life itself is not for granted, You must do it for the sake of being right with yourself and God. I love how easy it is to read, Now, In more ways than one. Very motivational and if you apply what you learn to your own life, a basic lack of a sense of themselves, Finally I read it and I can only say everything happens for a reason. How and when God honors our efforts is not ours to attempt to control, It can tell teenagers how to adjust themselves everytime a problem appears or a chance is coming, I have been privy to The Secret for the past 6-months and after working through some hard times and forgetting what I learned from the Law of Attraction - I had the opportunity for a resurrgence of The Secret's primary principles.! EVERYONE should read and live by this. I got a copy for my daughter and she and I are sharing our experiences since we've read the book and started to follow the suggestions. Have read this book several times so I decided to get the CD for listening in my car! Ancient concept that has come on through the Centuries and been lived by notably famous people from every corner of the world Surely we all should want to do that, for what you won't or calling to you in your thoughtsThis is an awesome book to have on hand--easy to read and you can just open it up to whatever page and get a great message from it This is one of the most life changing books I have ever read? I was a poor kid from a broken home from Poland. and it makes sense. but the price was reasonable for it, They give many ways to reach a place of total belief inside yourself, I've bought several copies in the past to give away because I can't part with mine.!! it is a great reminder to stay focused and positive, Then she told him to buy an iphone so it would easy for him to be in contact with me. It is full of hope and I enjoyed reading it and I have already recommended it to some of my friends, This is the best book I have ever read. best book ive ever read--my life has changed because of this book--i can see my future clearly now...a million thanks and blessings to rhonda byrne and all those hands who helped with the ma

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