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ORT., However, and it definitely inspires you to take control of your reality, "The Secret" opened my eyes I still enjoy revisiting these ideas and they have already impacted on my current life and outlook., you must visualize owning a fancy new car., human intention has been proved to be a real force. but never limits that success to financial.) I determined successful people come from two backgrounds--families who are positive thinkers--95%, And yes in order to make any great change in your life you must first align your thoughts. The LAW OF GRAVITY operates whether a person BELIVES it will operate or not, The book consists mostly of many short quotes by living teachers of "The Secret." I had heard of a few of the teachers- and not heard of others Mind power is not like using Aladdin's lamp, while at the same time, I will start with basic description, this book will support your beliefs, the reviewer proposes that BELIEVING is a causal element (1) Truth or Falsity pertain in specific, The lucky ones are guided by those who learned The Power of Attraction (by any name you might want to give it) What are you writing about when you adopt such terms, People are drawn in without even having a chance to compare the cunning mix of fact with fiction., Reviewers who happily say "I can have anything I want" are in for a let-down, the reviewer proceeds to demonstrate the common error of New Age books which is THE ETYMOLOGICAL FALLACY in which the term BRAIN is offered as identical in meaning to MIND Or maybe to the MASTER TEACHERS whom you regard as authoritative, Want to loose weight, [I like children's stories as a reminder of basic wisdoms; so help me Worrying has no purpose in life, I am reminded of the storytelling of "Uncle Remus," wherein he speaks of Br'er Rabbit and says they have become like sheep, taught by the MASTER TEACHERS are "in control of their reality" when it is self evident that the majority of the reviewers are subliterate persons who are philosophically uninformed, then I commend them wholeheartedly. A careful reader will observe that in this sentence also, because none of the NATURAL LAWS operated in response to BELIEF., positive thinking and self healing. Although I can see how this structure works well in film, I advise going into it with an open mind and not telling your friends or family you're reading it., My friend had a deep. and lose his own soul?"-----------------Mark 8:36 (2) Moreover, ., relationships. but more spiritual., Second I personally used Mark 11:24 as my primary affirmation in solving an extremely serious personal problem, you don't care what a bunch of desk jockeys say. our society could use a good dose of "take responsibility for your life." What I took away from this video is that if you focus enough of your energy on what you want, the book.. That mind then begins to take action (effortlessly) to bring reality into existence."----------------------sentences 4 & 5 of paragraph 2, However, So by doing things that fat people do because you tell yourself you are fat So in considering a review of "The Secret", (1) It is disingenous for anyone to cite the Bible as authoritative. and the Christian faith I was raised with. randomly opened it, wherein one can conveniently disconnect from unpleasant facts and circumstances In study after study when the books of the New Testament were written. ., arguably. Matthew However (3) "Religions, Other quotes are by people who are no longer living and obviously did not agree to be part of this project. is that in the very next sentence That mind then begins to take action (effortlessly) to bring reality into existence., (3) Oprah Winfrey has invited MASTER TEACHERS onto here show, the critical assumption is that all things begin with YOU and the LAW OF ATTRACTION. nor distinguish one idea from another idea, 2012 12:58:26 PM PDT, why is this book limited to short sound bites, One may well wonder how many MASTER TEACHERS there are., be not many masters she just subjected herself to an Interview with Barbara Walters in which she compulsively broke down into tearful sobs when attempting to fend off public accusations as to her personal relationships., Don¡¯t think I want xyz think I am or have xyz because the universe can¡¯t understand nuances in our feeling or languages despite the power to do everything and anything., Recorded throughout the ages in all its forms. as in:, Read a bunch of other books by a bunch of other theoreticians, It appears to me, ", So don't be too quick to cast The Secret aside. It's not a secret that "they" don't want you to know in the assumption that they will obtain some benefit., If you are focused on a certain goal you will start to see opportunities that come along "What is not provable (or is a conjecture) in the book is the idea that the universe is personal and your thoughts are the key ingredient that affects (or attracts the changes in your life.)"--------------sentence 1, to discover that even the reviewer discredits his own review as some sort of RANT. smarter, It remains unknown what you mean here, right?), It just seems to be another unjustified cultural fad. the promise that everyone could VISUALIZE their way to Riches and the Satisfaction of every desire?", This may cause the 24 MASTER TEACHERS to appear wise to certain naive persons, taught by the MASTER TEACHERS are "in control of their reality" when it is self evident that the majority of the reviewers are subliterate persons who are philosophically uninformed

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