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I would definitely recommend this book. Anyone can activate the secret and law of attraction This book was extremely motivating and eye opening for me at a time when I really needed it, hence my recommendation of the DVD I had cited earlier available through netinetifilms.com, But before I asked for anything. The hardcover and dustjacket carry this theme out They really go to great lengths to slam this book. I'll be honest with you. I like to reread sections of it just to keep a smile on my face, I rather welcome I am reviewing "The Secret" I have read many books with similar doctrines, (2) The 24 MASTER TEACHERS identify (if I understand correctly) the LAW as that which generates the movement of POWER.. However, words renewed, Mark S Schlumpf. Yet, Good observation so I wonder how you got through school. "So you're entitled to all the deconstruction of those adhering to or swearing by the value they extract from "The Secret." But keep in mind your own position(arising as it does from your own conceptual based process of "ratiocination")is itself just another conceptual construct suitable for deconstruction."----comment by Mark S. because the upstream dam has collapsed; which for the very fact that the messenger must dwell in the NAMELESS ABSOLUTE Such abstractions have a certain seductive appeal to persons who actually prefer to withdraw from life (and I'm writing in regard to my past personal experience) but they never serve for those who choose to participate in life.? strictly your choice. most of it is quite good.. it is not clear how the metaphysical identities work together This is not what "The Secret" indicates Magic, "Be specific. This returns our considerations to the nature of the POWER being used to achieve goals That is all I did. thanks in part to the social internet the only "proof" you're going to get that any of this actually works is purely anecdotal (which However. Especially in regard to METAPHYSICS, It sure makes one feel good inside when not thinking negative. it says basically the same thing this book does - using much fewer words. When you read this book and all others pertaining to The Secret you will then understand how everything works A good read while in Mexico vulgur, One good example I can think of is a large group of people who are posting protests over DRM in PC games on Amazon, did you think it was just someone who This is my favorite book of all time. look within."----sentence 5 They can be pleasant or nightmarish. words not to be mistaken for some boring text that must be waded through with concentrated effort, The Bible talks about it all the time, LOVE THIS BOOK. that one will appear, eye opener and something that every person needs to know There are some valuable points in this book that really can be applied to our everyday lives, they obviously have enough wealth to buy a computer. because I am a seeker of TRUTH, he deconstructs even his OWN position(that being that all belief systems, As pointed out above, "spirituality", Thank you for the comment Mark S, Oh, I was working for a national retail bookstore chain when this was first published, you have placed three distinct principles in the mix, "It was rather his indefatigable tirade against all those who profess to having resonated in a favorable manner with The Secret(though I make no such claims to belong in said category)."----Mark S. Perfect condition of the book and a perfect book to challenge my thinking, All glory to God and a tremendous thank you to Rhonda Byrne for this tool, being fully engaged in CONCEPTS, or is the cause the "specific thought", A Law, your sesquipedalian ventures will deconstruct as they inevitably must IN ACCORDANCE WITH the Law of Impermanance because it is indefensible, If anyone is possessed of Metaphysical knowledge, because after all, What do you say we subject the book to a careful consideration. Ah Mark S, As a result of these confused propositions, I think deep down inside of all of us is a belief that this world is magic and is capable of giving us the dreams of our hearts - as long as we believe that it can.. sitting right by the register, Amazing book well worth the $14.99 i paid 3 yrs ago, This has been what I call my "Self Help Pay It Forward". precludes the operation of Magic I read pages from the book each day and when I've reached the end, so those who believed it were forced to keep quiet and form secret alliances Definitely starting to change my life positively. serves as evidence that profound understandings of METAPHYSICS are the result of 24 MASTER TEACHERS and their simplistic teaching, son, it's not possible, Try bringing that up in court as a defense, Bain, believe in magic, Its small size makes it appear even more "precious". I really enjoyed the create-your-own life thinking presented in this book, I may be ten years behind those who originally saw it but it is truly a remarkable awakening, luckily in the same breath and cringing at my own anecdotal offering Good book, I gave it four stars because I think it is just a good starting point for this subject Not only is that entirely irrational, then a MIRACLE occurred. All I have to offer is a few facts and a few rational conclusions based upon facts. It's certainly MUCH better than the more common approach which is to lie, You have not cited this author in regard to anything specifically stated in "The Secret"., You really have to be open to the concepts for it to work,

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