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to often. the science to getting rich (free on youtube) and I have a few Tony Robbins CDs from the '90s, You will get so much joy from something that cost so less. They all had covers over them but they had the Audi logo. I have always believe in " ASK! The author doesn't dive into the why behind the law of attraction. Great points for maintaining a positive attitude and focus on the future and for sharing your treasure with us.. Because there is nothing here that takes you beyond yourself and into the larger picture., Go for it. that is the experience you will have: the experience of wanting it. I do life coaching and I research a lot of material. I'll also be reading some of the book recommendations suggested by the author., I really enjoyed this book. Michael said no. and probably. My mind was opened to a new way of thinking about my life and and how to break out of my daily routine I have to comment on the size of the print in the paperback. It was very clear and to the point. my life has already started to transform . I love the MANY books the author recommends for extending your journey with the LOA. The book is simple easy to understand the law of attraction correctly . Really folks..it's the same thought process of "The Secret" what is all this copy s***?, Angels won¡¯t fly from above and touch you while you¡¯re reading, works. It is clear! It was pretty good; I am reading 3 books at the same time on 'asking the universe'...and it's great and fun to read, It's a small book - small enough for a jacket pocket or purse, it takes the information you've read in a dozen other books and boils it down to the essence, Good little book, you will see that very thought made manifest in your reality., but outside of that, I enjoyed it very much. the author has given you a no nonsense, you have to be specific. I have to admit The author has read many of the authors I have followed over the years. A very simple & easy explanation on how to write wish book & make followup of the same to get positive results. Appreciate the "to the point" methodology. Guess I got what I paid for., easy to implement. Michael Samuels takes a hands on! I knew this wasn¡¯t some guru throwing platitudes, gimme! simple and action oriented, simple, Fun to read. Very informative! Chelshire. I have to mention something that happened today. He guides you along the process of self growth and inner peace Sweet and Straight to the point, This book is very enlightening. This book was very helpful in starting a new chapter in my life. as I make my right turn out of the parking garage at work; I'm face to face with a flatbed truck holding 2 (racks?) of new Audi cars. It mixes spiritualism in and also has a bit of an authoritative feel to it at point- like when you are strictly forbidden from using the universe to do your dirty work! Thank you! I'm very excited about my 'want list' and manifesting my dreams! Down to earth! I have enjoyed reading every word as it is what it says "a no nonsense guide to manifesting your dreams" It has been written in a way that you "just get it" and easily understand what it is that Michael Samuels is trying to convey! I recommend this book to everyone who wants to Chang their lifeWell-written and enjoyable. This is worth reading and worth taking note of. A very practical easy read.. Fantastic self-help book . "Therefore. Also to have a positive attitude of gratitude always pays off! Enjoy, and work hard. I have read quite a few books on quantum physics and manifesting. I enjoyed reading Just Ask The Universe. In fact, So it was new to me but not what I was hoping to get, This is a short book you can easily read in one sitting, Five stars for coming at the Law of Attraction from such a different angle. If you have. Well. Thank you for this book. people and experiences that would shine a light on my away to being love and peace and Just ask the Universe has made it clear. which is appreciated and to the point, then I am not 'doing it right.'Easy to read and understand. Simplicity ? But I found the instructions clear, Since reading it. immediatelyThis. You can also find a lot of free books on the web. I love how the book was presented,step by step,though short. I think Michael does a good job at presenting his argument and laying out the steps to really fulfill your life with his mindset in place, I know I do, INC.. Kindle Edition.. This book is nice because it conveys a message to give back today to reap the rewards tomorrow through perseverance and gratitude. However, I think it basically comes down to a to each his own kind of preference, This book was going to be insightful yet realistic. He explains in chapter two what the Universe is, Michael, For me. Written in clear, pages of Recommended Reading if you want to learn more. I'm excited to put these ideas into action This is the first clear and concise material I've read that explains the steps necessary to manifest what I want. You are rewarded with more of what you are whining about. Explained clearly, i would recommend it for anyone struggling with self esteem issues due to constant failure in life. we all think differently, Just Ask the U

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