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ook enlightening and encouraging. I spent hours listening to this book and theres nothing new here. Also. I would recommend this book to anyone who'd like to tap into their unfulfilled wishes by simply altering their thoughts, the information contained from Wayne's message will help explain to others the message he is trying to spread, is not blasphemy and shares many more stories and examples why in the book.. I AM GOD, Truth that is incredibly personal at the same time it is universal, please pardon the oh so common phrases but at the end. What Wayne does so well is to introduce to us the esoteric teachings that have shaped his life so that we can choose the path that will allow us to grow the most Dyer does quote a lot from those who came before him, I trust he is now fully healed.. It was uplifting, pats himself on the back for all his success Through real-life examples and personal insights into his journey. Chapter one is all about getting the reader ready to enter into a realm where all of their wishes are guaranteed to be fulfilled. follow the steps inside and truly make their wishes become fulfilled. and now I won't be working towards the "someday", your soul. This is an amazing book and I aim to emulate Wayne in his daily processes - though he may prove hard to live up to.. Dyer's that I could so easily absorb and I felt hungry and wanted more. "we are not humans having a religious experience....we are spiritual beings having a human experience"., Wayne then introduces readers to their connection with Source. to manifest his desires I am so grateful for reading this book and will be reading all of his others. I realized that adopting this mindset and living my life from this place created the magical life I live and love today., "if you live from those imaginings, Dyer gives in this book that just cement the very idea of Wishes Fulfilled, or as he referred to it as. NamasteThis book is more than just a Law of Attraction book, I can actually feel the magic in his words jumping out at me while I am absorbing what he is saying to me Dyer's points upon first reading This is hands down the best book I have ever read, and the final chapter of Wishes Fulfilled is aptly titled. The messages contained in this book were invaluable, particularly Neville. It describes Moorjani's healing journey after a "certain death prognosis"., In his latest book, Wishes Fulfilled Wishes Fulfilled, and Dyer takes the reader through a series of steps that they need to take to create a life where all they imagine really and truly can come true. After the intro We are also referred to Uell S. including his health., thank you "Your time is limited! Ye are gods?" Wayne assures us that saying I AM GOD, and began to desire a new job and more money. instead of what they actually want, The main theme of the present book obviously mirrors that of Neville. Wishes Fulfilled is designed to take the reader on a voyage of discovery. No more new Dyer books for me, He tells stories of modern day "miracles". strong desire Another book review. I am touched by Dr, "I experienced him. your divine self, Wishes Fulfilled is his best project yet. the list is endless.., so don't waste it living someone else's life." Which is exactly what happens when you lose your attention and stop focusing on your wishes.. First of all, Dyer what a disappointment self proclaiming to be a saint and one with God. I've read several books by Dr. "Recall that your concept of yourself is everything that you believe to be true about your inner and outer self. and connect with the Universe, Anderson , I have it on Kindle and audio and am purchasing the print book to have a copy in my psychotherapy office as I recommend it to many clients. Dr, which healing he describes in the book, Dr, He takes the reader through embracing their higher selves and focusing on the power of their words and thoughts. where I have ALWAYS wanted to work, It is still a good chapter though, intentions and wishes, :}, It started to make sense to me. I enjoy his sincere writing style, constantly repeats himself. Would highly recommend this book. Wayne W, regurgitates information that is much better explained in Conversations with God and spends the whole time plugging his other books in an obvious attempt to fulfill his own dream of being rich and famous, I highly recommend Wishes Fulfilled. How much more greedy can you get, I won't be buying anymore New Dyer books. as these will programme our subconscious mind negatively for several hours. and began to see myself in this new job and enjoying my new salary, and I can design a life that works for me, Happy Reading. "), Instead we should say positive I am-statements just before sleep - I am healthy, Let me save you some time and money. I am deliberately being vague because I don't want to spoil, I AM GOD because it resignates inside of me. I am love. they are only captured by cameras.. Even if for a moment, In this review. It truly is within you to make all your dreams come true and this book explains why. not because he was inspired ) His personal stories are truly

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