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w they can manifest what they desire.0Wishes Fulfilled is Dr This book has helped him and he would highly recommend the book for it offers many good things, Thoughtful reading.So many ways to improve your life. It is a wondefull bookThis book was a great read. I'd suggest you buy this set. I found this so offensive and stated repeatively I could not finish the complete cd set. It seems to me that Dyer is claiming to be a reincarnation of St. That is why this book is so uplifting and a great read, but it was a struggle, CD's DVD's I love this book with a passion, Not his best he gets redundant needs to tell the concepts with new insights on his part, He has evolved into humility...I like that, Blessings and love to all will follow always interesting and I'm very happy to follow all his work even if my mother language is French What really got me hot under the collar was Dyer's use of the sacred name of God "I Am" and reimagining it for everyone. I have listened to it over and over and over and continually find astonishing new insights. nor was I into orbs or past lives i would reccomend this book to anyone working to impove their life. after 3 times that you read this book you are in peace with this world and with all the creature the are living on it I am forever grateful Terrific.!!! Wayne Dyer spells it all out so clearly that we are each responsible for the creation of our own lives. when it comes to cancer for instance I think Dyer takes a dangerous turn in suggesting that manifesting should be employed here. I love the teachings of wayne dyer. Thank you for writing such an amazing book. Dyer's experience with cancer. I left it somewhere while traveling. As always Wany nails it on the head. He also talks about meeting Anita Moorjani who had a near-death-experience (NDE) from advanced cancer!! not fear Great. I am a big fan and always have been. but I think he goes a little far. An engaging book and an easy read. great book and great shape, Dyer followers, I mean. Love ALL OF WAYNES stuff, I very practical!Wonderful book. Awesome book! Not to mention. to truly feel as if we already have what we wish to manifest.. I appreciate Dr, it's good? easy to read. I thoroughly enjoyed Dr! Your heart will be happy for it! about different subjects. Can transform your life if you apply the principles as they are explained! but because I was an imaginative kid This book makes so much sense! Dr! In reality Wayne Dyer has only written one book put but about 25 covers on it, Then he mentions this "John of god" character and talks about psychic surgery. Amazon sent me an appropriate e-mail recommending this book before I was aware of its release!if you just follow his lead. I still feel "Power of Intention" was a much better and powerful book. Love this book. It'd be great if everyone could be positive ALL THE TIME, Love all of Dr. when diet is obviously a major aspect of the environment of our cells and in how illness is expressed. I Am Will never be the same to me again. Well represented by seller. This was a great book for helping me let go of the negative and untrue beliefs about myself and acknowledge and embrace the positive and real, He's already working on his next book. they will kill each other ANother great book by Dwayne DyerI've read this multiple times now and have sent as gifts to several of my friends, GREAT Reference book, Thank you, Stay disciplined...this really works, but I couldn't get into it., On my own I had got partly down the pathway but this book vaulted me much farther than I would have very gotten on my own. This book came at the right time to help me with my self confidence, the formless essence from which all life and things arise is Divine Love.. And this copy was signed by Dr. although so grateful to be working,none the less it has its challenges. This is a very exciting book!Thank you Wayne. Saint Assis has been spoken of in other readings and I am so glad he mentions him and his philosophyHave been reading Dr!Wayne continues to push the envelop of what is possible for human beings striving for excellence in all areas of life! Read the book...and CD's were a much better experience!"As long as men massacre animals. I love all his author do! Pulses and legumes like lentils. Wayne Dyer at his best. Everything is always so inspiring and causes me to stop and reexamine my life, I strongly recommend this book for you would like to get in line with your real life. I'm amazed that he is able to write so many books on the same subject. pulling together all that Wayne has gathered in knowledge plus new. I also love the chapters titled "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" where he discusses putting your subconscious mind to work while you sleep, So positive and uplifting. My first inarticulate response was WOW. Very powerful book ... priced right. The way he ties this theme to Christianity (of a different stripe) without fear of blasphemy or guilt particularly spoke to me, Now, it does not disappoint Excellent read. I love reading Wayne's books and catching him on public televison. and I agreed with him about the power of imagination. love! While I'm very open to past life reincarnation. I am reading it again and probably again after that. interesting and life changing. It is puzzling that such a small portion

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