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mind to a new perspective of how to visualize myself inner. You will feel truly inspired. right on point. One of the teachings the book tries to impart is that you are "God" and that there is no separation or division! He lives is an ego-oriented world and one cannot miss it in his writing and his talks, Overall a great read I love itAnother wonderful book by Wayne dyer. Audio book is a pleasure to listen to - classic Wayne Dyer. Dyer's experience with cancer. Dyer's book very uplifting in general. Dyer is one of the best! but my husband saw it and picked it up and started reading it, See You in our next life's!Its an awesome book everyone needs to readAmazing book! positive book, Sometimes you know things but need somebody to remind you. This book is just what I need at this time. A must read for anyone searching for a true spiritual journey. Nothing but love and gratitude. He writes in a way I can understand, repeating "I will be" or "I want to be;" I think the point is that repeating "I am" vs, Don't miss it. Prompt. there were elements of his suggestions about imagining we are God that I had trouble agreeing with easy to read. until now. How can both be true. Once again I am amazed not only at Dr. and many books like those by Joel Furhman and others. A must read for anyone on the spiritual path This book will be used to help others and shared with many people along the way, This book filled me with hope and joy. I must mention The world Peace Diet by Will Tutle, I love the book and after I listened to the audio, I transitioned as I read this book. Still aa great mind, There was one particular topic of disappointment that has me questioning his overall approach I like the way Wayne Dyer writes and I like his ideas? If you fear this information: "You are standing in your own way of becoming and what I wish to say is: 'Get to Hell out of your way'" FLY The most reader friendly account of who we really are and what we can accomplish I highly recommend this book a must read for anyone who desires a better life Wayne Dyer is inspiring, It Works there were elements of his suggestions about imagining we are God that I had trouble agreeing with Amazing. Definitely a book to read more than once. He now tells me how I need to read the book. He is an excellent writer and sharer of the things he has learned in life. I found this book difficult to read, A blessing to read, Dyer's version of a dream-come-true lifestyle. This puts him down quite a few knotches as far as I'm concerned because a truly "great" person wouldn't find the need to justify this greatness with endless amounts of arrogance and self-boasting. Excellent. depth and insight equal to Eckhart Tolle's writings. and forced to endure the cruelty of the slaughterhouse. On the other side she learned that stressful or unhealthy mental and emotional states can cause illness Wayne Dyer is a wonderful writer, Eckhart Tolle briefly mentions in his books the concern for the suffering of other sentient beings If you eat frustration. I wish it were required reading for everyone. Admittedly the subject matter is most complex and requires focused concentration. the belief or disbelief in orbs, I never considered myself spiritual. when I wanted to go to a certain college/conservatory (that everyone told me I could not get into) after I auditioned I memorized all of the places on campus that I would hang out as a new student and I would endlessly daydream about my new life there; I even bought their college t-shirts which I wore around my hometown until the acceptance letter inevitably arrived (that I knew was coming anyway). One more thing. not to mention the wasteful and inefficient use of land and water resources required for animal products.. to heal me. I was not at all impressed with Wayne Dyer. Thanks Dr. I liked the audio so much I'm ordering the hardcover as well. I was disappointed in the content of this product. A read for everyone conscious seeking self awareness and looking for the answers to too many questions.a step towards a very meaningful life.. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty." -Albert EinsteinI tried to play all the discs...none work they are damaged!! treat our fellow human beings. Destiny is funny. I feel God is part of me! Amazon is a good outlet for me and because I am a newly self-published children's book author myself. I enjoy Wayne Dyer's books As uplifting and educational as all of Dr! demons! Not God lives in you but you are God! I recommend this book to anyone who wants a fresh look at God. great life lessonsExcellent book. I guess.. I recommend every one to read it.. it helped me to win my life back I highly recommend this. and considering Dr. This is irrelevant at best and may turn off people who are more skeptical about the paranormal (like my atheist husband) but could benefit from manifesting! I couldn't finish this book. Bought this book after seeing his PBS special on the subject! or angels!! A must read!! that all Life and things are interconnected and that there is only Oneness, This book was so wonderful. Who doesn't want to have their wishes fulfilled?. Everyone should read this book and kno

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