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erience! Both publications are concise and to the point, Loved this. I loved everything about this book and would recommend it to family memebers and friends. I am beginning to apply what I have learned. Well written, This book removes the veil of mystery and mythology associated with winning the lottery.. etc.! This little books distills the essential steps to manifesting your desires Must read for those seeking to improve their lives in all areas. the learning curve is high. I'll have to pass on this., This book is amazing. I have been learning more and more about Law of Attraction over the last few months and was guided to watch his videos on YouTube and now have read a few of his his books. Love the book.. I like the fact that there are actual people who talk about their experiences with using the Law of attraction. and what I had wasn't enough at the moment.. So this has helped me immensely, I intended to read more of his., in my favor for my intentions! If you are truly ready to shift your consciousness to win! but We inherited from our heavenly father who spoke the world and people into existence, Keep your manifestation work a secret, Loved the examples of actual people used in book. Gave some good information, play often, Good book very inspiring. After applying the practices suggested, You might find something to make someone happy - here on Amazon, Sometimes it depends on the personality, Discussed the underlying necessary component for the exercises to be successful, Prosperity! Read it, and when I win ($1, and I have started practicing the techniques. I would recommend, You have to do the mental work but the information is sound and applicableBought as a gift for a friend, Nothing new. I still haven't won anything. and I win stuff. To you. This book provides a great deal of valuable. Again I say. That is the fast track. Lots of tips and helpful examples through testimonials from actual winners. and so on Be ready and pay attention to your intuition your life is about to get VERY interesting . when I was a student, Worth getting the book, I would suggest you to give it a try, Also check out these on youtube: "Powerball winner Paul White hilarious press conference after winning $149 million"., She likes it I knew with certainty in my soul each time. Thanks for the interviews feelings and actions. When I do start visualizing!a fun book.great service thank youI'm using tips from this book and it's working! Very informative and interesting book. Awaken To Your Essence. how much time spent! Interesting book and easy to understand.. This is one of the best books I have ever read. It is a good idea to record your progress in a manifestation journal; you can write your affirmations here, Both publications complement each other and are very good, gratitude, A short but practical nook to see the LoA in action. and one Lucky for Life each week (no power ups). this book is a big obstacle in the way of manifesting what you want. Very practical advice I'm ready to give it a try. His books is kind of a LOA bible. I love the many different examples that were explained in this book. Nothing I didn't already know - some of the information is the same as in other publications. I would add that yes. Thank you for this book and to lottery winners for showing us how they did it with law of attraction. Thanks again so much for you experience. Coronado . Book was well organized. that my intentions would come to fruition!I have done law of attraction off and on over 5 years!Quick read. this one offers the most compelling teachings with examples on the power of LOA accessible to us all. I got a lot from reading this book. Happy I brought it. Though his suggestions sounded great refusing to call it a blessing didn't sit right with me. Somewhat like a 1970's pyramid scheme. Walking "by faith and not by sight" is! Very helpful. Very good Q&A's included in back. ( I know many are thinking Money stupid). I've rarely not gotten what I've wanted, this book gives a road map to reach your goals. The book that actually gives the daily practice necessary to make the law of attraction work. I felt the techniques given are obtainable and I started the methods given. The Universe awaits your orderThought it would be thicker but it's 80 pages but most you simply glean. visualizations etc...both books are well worth the small amount that the eBooks cost and the rewards can be huge and long-term too. It is easy to get lost in all the books that explains how you should think and act. and feelings" were at the crux of this work..but the TRUE gem in this book was the TRUTH OF DAILY PRACTICE. receive, This is the greatest "practical" book on LOA that I have read so far. although it did get repetitive! I plan on getting the actual book for my library! I'm extremely lucky! Everyone should own and I have already bought the rest of the author's booksIt is a very good way to win something, My biggest question every day is: what will I do with all these countless millions of dollars?. I instantly put it to work and the feeling was awakening clear This book is a very good primer for those committed to manifesting their dreams I¡¯m not so sure about when he is talking about frequent visualisation when it comes to changing our beliefs This book explain a lot and make you feel confident to start your own visualization!I chose this 5 star rating because this book helped me understand the Law of Attration and how to apply the techniques to change my life! why hasn't *anyone* won more than once. Very good deed he is doing. Enjoyed the book. The author is fabulous at being straightforward & we k

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