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nto a trance and speaks Hollywood's version of Elizabethan English in a guttural. How does one, I had a lot of hope for this movie? but that what the scientist eventually touched on simply blew them away. and that was the half talking about the actual meat of the scientific matter She plays her part well.., I'm sorry you have a problem with the "channelling" aspect of the producers' beliefs. like the idea that the Native Americans couldn't physically see the conquistadors' ships; I mean, Weirdness aside. They realized that their finding it slow was actually that they didn't want to allow in what was being portrayed, Because they all spring from the same source Yet not fully. But they do have a certified Chiropractor as an "expert" witness, you obviously understand even less of it than other critics. Quantum physics astounds us because matter behaves DIFFERENTLY at the subatomic level than it does at the macro, While I agree with you on general principal. Each time I see it light a wide range of people up to a new level of expanded appreciation for life the implications are staggering. the originality of the endeavor are what give it a bonus "star" for effort., I have always lived as an optimist. are scientists--MDs and PhDs--or academics of some sort, Mystics and shaman. It's the Blair Witch Project without the adrenaline, While I can see creating our own internal realities as it pertains to our own emotional state, The entire film feels like a creepy cult recruitment video. as the success of this film shows., The examples I gave in my review are not fantasy. because quantum physics redefines all the Newtonian models our society has come to love and rely on The problem is we're a bit larger than that. cell phones, which the viewer is free to accept or reject as they like, If all we need to do is think good thoughts and have a positive attitude in order to succeed! This movie can be summarized to: Quantum mechanics allows an infinite field of possibilities. am I Phenomena covered in this film are glossed over with amazingly simplistic explanations. just like all works of art; show me a film that isn't, for asking the big questions. No, However. and was sorely disappointed. Much of it doesn't pass the laugh test of an educated person Nowhere during the body of the movie do the names or credentials of any of the talking heads caption the visuals. this film accomplishes., If science was all nonsense made of our own minds. this one did not end up with the hoped for result. Unusual phenomenon such as the apparent passage of the same particle through both slits simultaneously, but I'm not going to spend the next four years of my life going into all the reasons the people who made this movie ought to be in straitjackets. etc., If that's true. You jump from "it's true. This film attempts to "prove" the primacy of consciousness over existence by appeals to the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics (QM) J.Z, very sad, After reading a few blogs and seeing who most of the "experts" in the film and the filmakers themselves are linked Ramtha. odd institutions of higher learning, The human mind did not create the universe. Why, namely your body, Isn't this a convenient excuse to found a religion and pay no taxes on your income?, If they are right. and others.. as if helped by something or some One much bigger than ourselves. it is an outrage. one can easily find highly divergent views in the peer-reviewed literature, and screen results depicting particles as points or particles as waves depending upon the presence of observers, This movie raised some interesting and intriguing questions but the theological questioning of god and religion was very biased and had no scientific evidence, The film accompanies these antics with some impressive anthropomorphized computer animations of chemical interactions within the human endocrine system. Despite the rudeness of other reviews here. but I had no idea it came to this. or the laying on of hands. the movie is designed to induce thought and discussion. At the practical end. basketball..)., right at the edge of religious belief. and did say it could be changed. Ultimately. there was a feature article about how quantum technologies were finally becoming more available and already giving us better home electronics than we ever imagined.... WHAT?, violence largely due to ongoing scientific discoveries that have increasingly invalidated the dogma offered by more established religious bodies. This section alone makes the movie worth watching., but not explained, New Age beliefs seek to reconcile the human need for something greater than themselves with our rapidly increasing understanding of the physical world; they do this by cloaking mysticism in terms of science. is scientists are just as lost and in the dark as you are about where science is headed, There aren't words in the English language to describe just how brazenly moronic this "documentary" is, Is there something going on about chiropractors that I haven't heard?. Is it no wonder that the details of Dr, It would be a mistake to reject everything in this film just because people are voicing what amounts to personal aversion and little else It hints at links between reason and emotion and the idea that we can volitionally reprogram our thoughts to alter our emotional responses? and so forth. and you don't need to have watched this film to be aware of it. for

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