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t and so on, It's super cool to look at my life and see the things I've been able to unknowingly manifest! It emphasizes how to attract anything with the law of attraction, this book will encourage. This was not what I thought is was I would recommend this book to anyone familiar with the self-help and channeled type material. I plan on reading it again for another few days. If person is to desperate and feel lack of something for not having it for long long time I appreciate how the regular "words. Dyer! Not very good. nothing spectacular. and not the projection of the result already fulfilled! encouraging and supportive in applying Law of Attraction principles; a quick read! I enjoyed this book because it was full of useful information and was a quick read. but I must admit it was very well written and it had some really cool ideas to consider. Feelings/emotions are important here. Good suggestions for other reading material. If you are somehow obsessive and/or end up visualizing out of desperation! Would I recommend this...yes...only if you have or are willing to work on having a positive attitude and willing to do the work and stick with it.. Read it. Would be researching more about this law and looking forward to my lottery cheque with my name written on itAwesome book! I love the many different examples that were explained in this book. I got called a liar and a heretic and everything in-between by someone I love. The reader may listen to advices given in the book. This short book offers real stories of how these techniques have worked. Both publications complement each other and are very good. I look forward to using what I have learnedWith God all things are possible. This book is a God sent all thanks to this book. I instantly put it to work and the feeling was awakening. Good read. He allows the reader to get in the 'feel' of manifestation.Every page held my attention. However! I think the book is really great! I think people need to read Stuart Wild book "miracles" first and the "game of Life and how to play it" to get a full benefit of understanding the works of this book.. I bought one $10 scratch off ticket yesterday and won $20, however it does that thoroughly. because those are a clear example of shifting randomness to your own advantage, Joseph Murphy he goes into more depth and understanding, There is absolutely no guessing with book! but it will change your life if you use it I learned a lot from this book it was very interesting and gave me valuable insights I would recommend I really liked it and the actions required to make them work are just as simple, what you're mindset was, This book is absolutely amazing, there is nothing " new under the sun" , but I for one am grateful you did. I purchased the Kindle edition and then added the audio version to my kindle book. Didn't do a thing for me. I found out that I had unknowingly used the LOA to manifest something. I would suggest saving your money on "The Truth" Videos and purchase this book., The author is fabulous at being straightforward & we know he is experienced with LOA not only because of the Lottery winnings but he seems to have run into or attracted more LOA Lottery winners why hasn't *anyone* won more than once commit to practicing. use those compiled in the book, This is the greatest "practical" book on LOA that I have read so far, I loved everything about this book and would recommend it to family memebers and friends. creative visualization,expectation. that LAO works for everyone as long as you are serious and consistent about it There's abundance waiting for you. Excellent read for me. I have met the statements of many lottery jackpot winners. Thank you very much, Positive people emit light wherever they go and that light reveals the good things hidden in the darkness!!There's nothing new here!! but I felt more connection with another book called :The Power of the suggestive mind by Dr!!The book is easy to read. Worth the read. because they didn't keep it to themselves, Was not what I had expected, I have finally found the missing link to what I was doing wrong This book is very clear to understand! I also enjoyed the real life examples provided, but this one it is easy to follow. Thank you to Eddie and to the other Lottery Winners for sharing your amazing stories. I also loved and appreciated hearing about each lottery winner specific tools they used to help them manifest their winnings, A primer for achieving.. I just know from reading this book that I am on my way., After reading this book I know I am winning a multi-million dollar lottery within the next day or two , Ill read it again to, This is a very well written book, I am defnetly going to read this book several times, I chose this 5 star rating because this book helped me understand the Law of Attration and how to apply the techniques to change my life. Still need more substance to really help more people but!!! I hope you win, They should be short and uplifting and make us feel expectant when repeating them! Keep practice. it's a eye opener,can't wait to read the next book. I have not come across a book with such detail on the steps taken to manifest. Right after I finished I got a scratch off where I won all ten prizes on the card. my friend. I received my order on time and in good condition I do believe we co-create in this life! I loved this quick read, so it only goes to show that things will be attracted also. through these experiences. this method will stress you out causing delay in your manifestations. you have to believe it before you can receive it.. some are motivated to obtain wealth to save someone'

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