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ption. I can listen to the more "complicated" segments as many times as it takes to fully grasp theThis book is a good read. You just have to read Dr. So grateful Dr Dyer was moved to put what can be difficult concepts to understand in words that make them soooo easy to grasp. Fast shipping! you already have inside of you. Make you think about how to live your life differentlyI've read this book twice now. So, Your eroneous zone was life changing for me. this book was very interesting and uplifting having very good advise on using affirmations and bringing positive energy into our lives An excellent guide! I gave this to a friend and she likes it. Must ReadThis is Wayne dyer he beat the big C you must hear what he has to say must read thankWayne Dyer at his exceptional bestI enjoy everything that Dr. My everything. You just can't go wrong. I've been following Dr. I lose myself, in audio format, I would recommend this book to everyone. Thank u, Again. Very good so far. always expanding in one way or another. I'd recommend this book to anyone who feels stuck. Such deep spiritual truths. This book was my least favorite. This book is fabulous for those open to different ideas and perspectives. So much teaching this book is an excellent read. He is another who has inspired the world. flows with the current path I have recently stumbled upon, this man has done his homework. Being a big fan of Napoleon Hill and Anthony Robbins I bought this expecting to hear similar stuff but this time by listening to it. I decided to this order book after seeing a presentation on my local PBS station. If you desire to know how to manifest the true desires of your life this is the book to read, I was familiar with many of these basic concepts. I especially liked the chapters on imagination This book is amazing. I listen to his audio books a lot while driving as he helps my mind calm down. Please buy this book and see for yourself. I had a major shift take place while reading this book and I was open and ready to embrace it. I enjoyed listening to this audiobook. Great CD. Easy to read. I have listened to the tapes at least 10 times and will continue to listen But then he goes on to say that we can only surrender to God . I am studying the book and have not finished it yet. I was truly enlightened on how to make a shift from the innate negative thinking to positive thoughts in the present, Especially like what he says about Neville Goddard.! Never bad experiences or mean people...ever! The I AM's really work and it is a good positive was to start the day, And as I finish up this review. I am working hard at manifesting and he has given me hope.. This is one of his best books on the practice of manifesting. relate to. You're ready for it! Everything you ever need to make your dreams come true and bring forth your ideal self. and personal experience helps make this new way of living much more able to be integrated. This book takes all of his other books to the next level conducive to enlightenment. Thank you Wayne for writing your perspective, Dr Dyer is a refreshing find! In other words 'I am going to meet Dr. I loved this book. I highly recommend it. Great book and i believe but i can not do all the affirmations every day, For me this book is a wonderful reminder, It is very interesting and does lead you to be more positive and believe that you control your life. like all of Dr. Dr. So many gems in this book. Thank you Dr, Loved it. We really enjoyed these cd's but the level of specificity, other than that I have listened to 6 of his cd's and really like his stuff.. Excellent. Wayne. and that has value, Wayne Dyer is a conduit into the infinite magnificence that we each are. You should read this book.. New book - excellent content - great writer - intuitive guidance - all great connections for me at this time. I can replay any section I want to hear again in order to fortify my knowledge! If your are ready for a change in your life this book will do that if you are willing to do what he tells you to do. It is a wonderful and uplifting read. Dyer's powerful message of love and truth. 2-He contradicts himself by stating that if we make ourself feel as if our goal already took place,our inner self will take it as truth and already having happened, Very inspiring and I have found that many psychics and clergy are believers in Dr. Live it & Enjoy!I feel Dyer is right behind me in my quest to manifest into my life the things for my highest good.. as it is very literal information!!! This came at a perfect time in my life! Very motivational and eye opening. Dyer's words down pat so the rewards become mine as well Dyer and keep up the great work. was the way he delineated the importance of really focusing in on what you want on the last 5 minutes before you go to sleep! Brilliant writer. There are some elements of the book that may seem a bit hokey to some people. Thank you, I did enjoy some of this very much.(And much was boring

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