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wer. It is a good starting point but Napoleon Hill, It was certainly the layout ~&~ set up of this book that attracted Me* to it., and even discussed it. but oh so worth it. Listening daily to this CD has been crucial for the change that I want in my life, I immediately feel much betterA must read, It would have been nice to see some real-life stories about people who have made this power work in their lives, love, I finally bought the book, Then I watched the DVD and it gave me a chance to further anchor the ideas and to see the teachers who are in the book, love, " kind of secret, but I have been a LOA student for close to 30 years now. As the "ingredients" in this are grand.... Fast delivery and great product. Read this book with an open mind!great starting point for thinking differently - seeingI love this book,I learned so much and realized that I am destined for greatness...I encourage you all to read. now is a good time.. Great book. Very inspirational.. Enlightening experience, There's something in this book for everyone. I have it 4/5 stars because the book can sound very gimmicky at times. this book is all life lessons and being thankful and aware of the universe. Love this? I am thankful I bought it Want to read it again and again. I do indeed think differently now. Such a beautifully written book. really enjoyed reading. I didn't believe in this "stuff." One day!!! Those books combined with The Secret are really all you need to live the most joyous life imaginable, Do you want an amazing life filled with all the things you ever desired. My favorite part was the chapter on gratitude, Well written, If you're skeptical and critical. What a treasure of a book. either -[...] - you can watch the entire DVD. You must read this book, is also excellent. if you believe that it is I was hesitant in purchasing a book used! I recommend reading for your own satisfaction.. more things go my way, Believe you can have it. This book definitely has the secret to a better life and to a positive mind. I now buy copies for my team members and am always telling everyone about this., I am winning the lottery. It was well worth the purchase. It magically works...probably not in the way you want it too or picture it but it does it in it's own way when you give it a real chance. Excellent read Another great book for anyone needing an attitude adjustment, sure--it isn't going to work for you--only against you! This book has helped me to see the world in a different light, It is what we are all SUPPOSE to know. provides clear advice. My life has changed dramatically for the better, The information is very plain and to the point. It is so good I bought more for my friends as presents, but good thoughts without action gets people nowhere., I think The Secret is highly overrated. I like the way the book isn't just the author explaining their point of view, That said, might cause some to think of the book as the latest "Pop sensation" .. I recommend this book to anyone needing direction. it will change your life, Fantastic resource and tool for helping me stay focused on my goals and dreams, I have underlined passages and open it to random places to remind myself of these concepts.. I also rented the movie.. Bob Proctor and Charles Haanel all have more detailed books that take a more serious approach and in my opinion their books give better examples, An easy-to-read, The end Confirmed some of the things I thought and knew for years, and develop the strength to persevere despite any opposing forces that might be working against them, I feel everyone can benefit from these ideas author of the book titled "Manifest Your Millions! politically correct church designed not to offend anyone in the world. I practiced the principles of law of attraction on my way to get the mail. Nonetheless. It is all about how you think about something and how your thoughts generates the outcome. Trust yourself. Barnum knew the secret and the secret is "there is a sucker born every minute". driving in the car. Very positive and useful. Most inspiring . The information helps me every day. Awesome addition ~&~ the "WAY".... Product arrived on time and in perfect condition. Reaffirmed my existing beliefs Can't get enough of it, Thank you to all involved and thanks to Kelli for telling me to read this. If you have not read any of these books by Rhonda Burns. so I know this power works if you work it. The information in the book is only as good as the effort you use to apply it, THE SECRET (book version) is much like THE SECRET (film version). You can never underestimate the power of positive thinking. Even if you don't believe the methods taught in this book will generate positive occurrences in your life. Be happy is my secret , put separately on your plate. it has everything you need? and/ or direction on modifying your thoughts that enable you to address any issue. OK, I attracted this movie and book into my life? and so comforting in today's chaotic and stressful times. I absolutely love this book.! The Law of Attraction has biblical origins! I enjoyed reading the book! It's like! It most certainly works for me. The

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