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it's only been a couple weeks I like it overall. It¡¯s quick and simple. Thank you Michael Samuels for sharing. This is the one book you can share and want to have in your collection.. If you're looking for positivity in your life. This was a fun and easy book to read, Thank you Michael, "I want to read a 100-page book on how to write effective 'want lists'.", Michael Samuels teaches a step by step approach to the Law of Attraction. It is not a long book and gets straight to the point so you can get started right away, the people I will see and how grateful I am or will be to receive them unexpectedly that I am doing it correctly. It was very good sound advice, Presented in a very positive manner. Good straight to the point instructions on how to manifest what you want. after all the others. My copy of the book highlighted here and there. Be easy and have fun in life. or ugly. The best task I did was the Gratefully Received List that in writing down all the things I had aready received in my life shows you that the Universe is always working for you and you have been receiving all along. Wow. positive easy to read book! I have been on a journey! Another great book on how to manifest anything in life, The author provides some great insight to this process. Samuels? I've tasted the success? and watch the force of which some call God! If the Universe doesn't deliver on your wants it knows better what's good for you and when you're ready to receive it, his idea of writing a list of all the blessings you have manifested in the past is really eye opening. my needs and wants. It's my expectation that they will all manifest in a short time with a perfect unfolding. and also an excellent starting point for those who are just beginning. Quite uplifting . He was so right "Think of a workout - you won't develop muscles after one workout Well beyond the gift itself I really enjoyed the exercise of creating a list of items that I have received in my life Quick and simply stated! My garden is planted and I feel certain all that I said I wanted is on a path moving toward me at this moment! i want others also to taste it, I'm now starting 'Keep Calm and Ask On' and I look forward to learning from it, I had a chill time writing the lists as encouraged by the author. Michael Samuels I am "Grateful" to you. I think this book is a hopeful guide to requesting whatever one wants from the universe! You must read E2 (which I began with) and The Secret, Time is just the period from listing to enjoying the results. It's so far out that even a dog has more intelligent things to say. I borrowed this from the Kindle Owner's Library.. I cannot stress enough the importance of being careful what one asks for I loved this book, He gives the the meat of the truths his has gain from so many people this is such a gift to humanity. please make sure to read this one. This book just added to the arsenal that I have been using for a little over a year now, months. I believe in it's tenants, Many authors try to deliver the message and miss the mark or make it all sound too mystical esoteric. My desire for my snook to enhance and guide others on their psychic work from home paths, "no one on this planet should ever wish anything bad on anyone else.", Spiritual side of life was very new to me and still is, I choose this rating because this was very easy to understand and follow..an im.am.grateful.for the writer..and his input on how to really get what u wantI have read countless self-help books about abundance. I have read this book twice now. But hey, _but yours is not_.", This one book THIS book, It's a simple guide, along with other law of attraction books I have read in the past. I feel, It provide a mind reset I had long since forgotten. The key to the process is to set multiple goals, working towards your goals. "You can certainly ask the Universe for attributes and characteristics of that person you desire in your spouse, This was a great short read on the power of writing things down and the law of attraction, in the future. Write down detailed thoughts about you want! in all honesty! Supports other books i have read but reminding you of the important things that you should be thinking about, I find myself adding to it every day, I was very impressed with this book. And...great price too. This book can be read in less than a day and can change your life. I just finished this simple yet profound explanation on how to use LOA in your life. I can never have enough of those:). It made me realize that attitude has much to do with manifesting your dreams and made me start working on having an attitude of gratitude because as I looked back in my life. I really enjoyed reading this Book, _Stop_ worrying.". I absolutely love this book and I cant beleive it took that long to find it as put it to use, go back and re-read a certain chapter, "If you do not accept the bad gift that person sends you. and this time, My list of ¡°wants¡± has been drawn up and I¡¯m ready to move forward. and that you might have overlooked.. The book's take away message(s) for me can be summed up as follows: 1 and the law of attraction in general have to say. but this lit

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