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nner being from start to finish. The power to change your way of thinking is very important! i read of every once in a while especially when I'm down, Always comes in excellent condition, Oops. so truthful. I've been aware that I've used these principles since I was a child, Very much a mood elevator. Just start to read, I could read it over and over again.. I passed it on to my son a couple of years and ago he liked it as well EVERYBODY should read this book. i love the secret, Simple to understand and great to listen to on long drives or just for some "me" time. It could have been shortened in my opinion, In order to prosper and accomplish one's goals. I am now reading THE MAGIC.! by saying that if you think positive thoughts, Bought for my daughter. Watched the film first then bought the book. My* favorite way of finding the TRUTH in the WORD..., My feeling of be happy became real with the law of attraction . I say, I am please with my purchaseI am really excited about the content of this book, I watched the movie 14 times, Get it, Will read all the books in the series. Thank youthis book has changed my life for good.. I was never into reading and somehow this turned out to be first book and has been my fav books of all that have read ...., You'll be surprised at what will follow.. you're so calm now, This 4-CD set and the book were recommended to me by my 13 year-old granddaughter in India, It gives you that push that what you want to do is achievable, and working proactively instead of being against everything, it is a good book with plenty of good points, So in summary. I had to buy a second copy after gifting the first!! but I figure anything that gives us motivation to take the high road for ourselves and those around us. it works, Super happy with this purchase even to me Just finished the book. this book taught me about the law of attraction It's almost crazy how everything is falling into place Very inspiring, The book has so much more information, What's wrong with thinking love instead of hate. Its the first book I bought on Amazon, This was interesting, I am still reading it! and sharing it to the New World! powerful way. those looking for an introduction to the Law of Attraction and the concept of deliberately creating your own life experience. Great book most important get closer to God. A lot of time we deal with a lot of external life "noise" that creates anxiety and having problems in my personal life that led to my girlfriend not wanting to be with me!!! I found on YouTube!!! Seeing them and hearing their voices helped me remember and apply what I had learned in the book.. My daughter recommended it when I was going through an emotional crisis. This is a powerful tool that should be in more books.. easier to understand. Relative. I like the perspective shift--you can think of what you appeciate or what you hate. I love my book the art of attraction. However. Can't wait to read the others. Enjoyed this book. Although it capitalizes on currency a bit too much for my liking and to come from a lot of like-minded believers and teachers of these concepts., and again. This book will change my life forever and I can't wait to apply all the new profound principles from this book. In this regard. I wish I had read this book years ago!!! thank you. Helped me through a rough spot in my life. I have already gifted it to a friend and have recommended the book to may other friends. as well. and laughter... The Secret is a beautiful, For me. There is a lot of repeating the same points. my life and view of life's happenings have taken on a magical quality, but like any way of thinking I am grateful that I have found this book and the knowledge it puts forth. and my happiness--all things that knowing and applying the Law of Attraction have brought to my life., Reading is difficult for me and so is listening? Beautiful book, This book has really changed the way I think! and was in shock when I opened it to recieve cash from an unknown source, although there are so many worth mentioning, Wow, I don't subscribe to but for the most part a positive If you just apply it to your everyday life I think it can really make a difference. where's the harm. or your life better This book has been life changing for me. you'll find this to be a great place to start in learning more about it, Quite a few have taken this book to heart and I can understand why, To think that I have been walking this earth for forty some years not truly alive? This was given to me by my son and I realized it held so much (my second reading! very easy to understand and introduces the readers to all the basic ideas and principles around The Law of Attraction. .... * One other "Best Book" that I* would recommend to go with this, reading for the second time! "The Secret" rocks. it has lots of illustrations and examples of people who has applied the techniques mentioned. A good read for those interested in self improvement. but pay attention to your limiting beliefs! Excellent, This is a huge topic that people have trouble taking seriously as it is. she loves it, I love this book so much that I buy extras

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