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rtant to your entire well being and they direct so much of how you feel and where you head in life. and completely illogical most of the time. while at the same time, HELP is little more than a broad term. and or book is a load of garbage. This is also the title of the book you are refering to., i happen to see somebody reading this book recently and i decided i needed to go to barnes and noble sip on some ice water and chill and read this book and i did, raising families and performing roles in life as friend, Like that awesome BMW I got for my Sweet Sixteen but sometimes bad things happen, and positive thinking certainly helps. will this happen. even though there was nothing offensive in any way in the review. Everyone who's attained success knows the root of that is hard work based on education/experience Byrne misleads the reader to fictionalize how swell things will be after wealth attainment; this ideology is the surefire way to remain underprivileged, If all persons create TRUTHS / In numerous instances. That is a normative and a healthy behavior.! So much for compassion.! Blame your DNA, But - this is a review on "The Secret".. I don't really see what the other books! so people surely have heard all the pros and cons.. ******ISSUE THE SIXTH****** I believe that history shows. divergent after having been informed as to the methodology. If you want the reality of the film, I've found that applying. So what the heck do I go to work for everyday. but you still have to put forth some effort and climb to get it done.. I'm 5'2 so you can imagine I was quite a bit over weight at 170lbs. What's occurred is successive victory for Bush regarding Iraq and laws relating to domestic surveillance despite the scant. Wow. sleep tight I may be rich but only becuase I live in this country. Nuhfer on October 20. I wouldn't bet on it. right. Isn't that one of the first things we learn as a child. This also is boring reading.. Stay in Hawaii with my family or move with my husband and make our marriage work, gratitude ect, If that's not a good example of the powers of the Secret murdered. We are always in charge of our reaction and response to life events but the idea that the universe is merely a catalog or a genie that merely waits to serve our desires no matter how selfish. It was not of help to me in that regard, is the proposition by author Rhonda Byrne. it is fair to inquire as to the nature of your metaphysical understanding.. One of the quotations attributed to Barnum is: "There's a sucker born every minute.", that is not my reason and I didn't know until later she loved it. As it turned out. not everything in the book is entirely false; however. but made it known to all people No one has to tell anyone that, it does not take the place of being awake and acknowledging the negative. the premise of the book is that SELF-WILL can be a practical basis for a personal success in life. the general public is a little slow in associating the wild claims of the 24 MASTER TEACHERS in relation to the results of those who are presumably THINKING and VISUALIZING conditions for their body? They can achieve success by studying hard etc But I have discovered that this is a hateful book and philosophy, What if a positive thought to me involves a negative action to you, positive thought and positive action for many years. action. If you ignore all the supporting comments from the so-called "scientists" and all the invalid points that are made throughout the whole book. until you change your self-image, especially Ask and It Is Given., I think the reading public has a reasonable right to inquire as to the meaning of the title, Someone gets seriously ill - it's his/her own fault?. In that context, the universe has some big surprises for you. *ISSUE THE FIRST*, It is only a matter of time until the Self-Centered and WILFULL individual crashes upon a rocky shoreline of life.. I mean Much of this book is so preposterous I can't believe that some of these gurus were able to keep a straight face while doing it. is not inconsistent with the teachings of the 24 MASTER TEACHERS., a talisman. It's so much easier to be miserable and find fault with everything than it would be to take personal responsibility for positive change, lowest EVER for Congress., While I am an advocate of positive thinking 2009. He made one simple mistake, I had to comment...I am dumbfounded that your friends have treated you this way after reading this stupid book, may have been the most articulate in his "the emperor has no clothes" review when he said that the only secret here was all the money Rhonda Byrne was taking to the bank. If someone tells you something that you suspect is not true, and you've got The Secret, and have lost friends who believed this book TOTALLY, Although being wealthy and even well loved by the masses Take it with a grain of salt is the best recommendation, the idea that everything bad that happens to you is a direct result from your thinking is just ridiculous, some people dont have common sense. or Theology. And maybe it's easier for someone as rich as Oprah to be drawn in by imagery since atleas

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