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Best I've ever read. Thank You Eddie , Although I was already familiar with Law of attraction it was good to read of other peoples success with it. I go back to this eBook often, His take on it is very down to earth and practical. Eddie is right; I've read a lot of books about the Law of Attraction and don't recall much about receiving. Very good Q&A's included in back, Some stories go into a thought process. First was to read about people who have successfully won using LOA. Got my hopes up for nothing i was very skeptical before purchasing. Book has some good ideas good techniques unique and innovative techniques easy to read good examples some good interview from people that actually won the lottery, I couldn't let the book down. that will make people feel good and feed them at the same time. so as to avoid disparaging comments. Be Blessed Buddy, The author introduces other LOA writers to the reader who wants another perspective or additional information, For those of you still on the fence, But the techniques can be used for anything. not a bad read. Maybe too high. good principlesAll right I guess, informative and absolutely inspiring book about how to win the lottery. Thank you Eddie Coronado to share that experience with us.. It's worked for the author of the book. I truly EXPECT THIS. It gave me lots of motivation to start my journey.. Haven't really taken the time to read it yet. Very easy to implement the steps of LOA., Doesn't really help much to me Has not been very helpful as of yet ,Straight to the point. and when I win ($1. Waste of moneylooking forward to reading this, Eddie Coronado gives a thorough. I liked the examples of winners being encouraging and uplifting.. I'm sure to win. We learn that abundance is our natural state of being. You're looking for an easy alternative to having to do some mental work on yourself so you can get riches fast. I definetely kbow it will work for me as well!!!! I will win. this is a great giftThis is a must read for understanding the mechanics of winning the lottery.! Cant wait to put into force! which to me leads to being open to receiving., Short book 57 pages. This little books distills the essential steps to manifesting your desires, We should choose affirmations and visualizations that make us feel excited and expectant so we reach the point where we know we¡¯re going to win the jackpot,, a fun book.great service thank youI'm using tips from this book and it's working! I recommend it to anyone interested in winning the lottery. A wonderful book for those who are interested in attracting money (or other desires) for themselves. Thank you for this book and to lottery winners for showing us how they did it with law of attraction. buying everything they want! I plan on getting the actual book for my library!This is a pretty good book What I mostly liked about this book was that there were some very interesting stories from lottery winners! Good but no actual math theories but pretty good stuff, Another thing I noticed was that each of the Lottery Winners mentioned practicing visualization three times a day. I really enjoyed reading the book, The personal examples were fine, Different techniques work for different people. I would recommend, and you made the mistake of discussing stuff with them, I've used vision boards and watched as everything that I put on it becomes reality. If you live in expectation of the good things. It confirms what I have been doing on my own for a few months now. and so on. Stuff I have heard before, I made a research on them after I read the book and those people are indeed real and they indeed assume their success came from the proper use of the law of attraction. bringing them abundance in all kinds of areas! It¡¯s a quick read with inspiring stories and a clear plan of action for manifestation. and should be repeated daily, The author tells the exact steps which are in agreement with oterh lottery winners he has interviewed and quoted throughout the book, and feel as you have already won,since I got the book 2 wks ago,I have won a few bucks every week soo going in the right direction, just think good thoughts. As a teacher of the law of attraction!!!! Easy to read. Excellent book, I loved the testimony of winners and the well structured steps to achieve the same results. there are numerous stories where people prayed and won a lottery. Again I say! i love the examples he shares as proof this really works and also sharing the importance of removing negativity.. I could even tell by reading the one story the exact books Melissa must have read. Great read for anyone playing any games of chance. This book is amazing. And the largest amount was about 30k on multiple occasions. or series of wealth building info that is basically the same stuff rehashed.. As far as the rest of the book But here are some real questions: if this worked, I am grateful to this author Eddie Coronado, Still reading it, I have a question:, I love reading a book that gives actual examples of how real people used the LOA to manifest big winnings. 5) Gratitude Those who are grateful attract more things to be grateful for! If not just for the good energy it is worth buying and savoring the excitement of people winning because they know they will, and one Lucky for Life each week (no power ups), This book it a joke-- don't waste your money! Hill, enjoyed reading it! I intended to read more of his.!!! Do not buy this book, How they do that .Not just only the theory! Thank youThis is a great book for manifesting any dreams using positive thought and visualization! I love this book! About four months ago I, our ability to manifes

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