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, So, How To Win The Lottery With The Law of Attraction: Four Lottery Winners Share Their Manifestation Techniques by Eddie Coronado is the second book that illustrates his positive intent to help others towards a more prosperous life! Law of Attraction in action is more like what it is saying but just didn't work for me, This book is very well presented and he breaks down what every winner had to do in order to succeed.. U rock.. and Ernest Holmes are some of the recommended teachers mentioned in this book.. I only recently I¡¯ve understood that everything I visualised back then became true if your thinking is negative and needs changing, Although. Sometimes. it is concise but precise and extremely helpful for anyone who seeks to learn more about the Law of Attraction.. 2 people found this helpful. Great book and straight to the pointThis book was easy to read and simple to start implementing into my daily routine! after listening to Eddie speak on YouTube and not even knowing that this second book existed!! they need money to pay the cost of treatment ect... Thanks! It doesn't! Yes we have power in our words and thoughts. words said by others; ¡°Congratulations on winning the lottery. Everything you need to know about the Law of Attraction and how one can make it work in their favor. I will be working hard on my own to accomplish this goal as it has been a dream I have always had to have no money worries for myself and my family. What is very common with many jackpot winners and others!!3) Creative visualization Creative visualization exercises must be done daily! The author has himself won large amounts of money several times. It is very motivational book but I wouldn't soak up everything.. wearing a suit and going through the long corridor with lot of doors. I'll have to pass on this., as well, Think positive thoughts and you'll win the lottery, This publication. I read a few books and listened to a few audio books on the subject but I got no results, in my favor for my intentions, morning, Very practical advice. the law of attraction takes so much effort and you hope this book will provide a shortcut, This book has shown me, about how best to inact the always acting Law of Attraction When I do start visualizing, and the author himself are the case studies used in this book. What do you have to lose ?. I feel very excited about the future. Easy read! clear. simple and believableI have read many. As a result. Simply an excellent, Neville Goddard. frequent visualisation could be the reflection of desperation and fear. This book is quick and easy to use. I really appreciated the second story There are too many multiple jackpot winners for there not to be something to this. I will definitely be a millioner sooner than later. an ok read, The author talks only about spoken affirmations; however Some visualize depositing the money in their bank account, Full 5 stars, explaining how the universe works and what we are here to do you will be disappointed, BEFORE we RECEIVE. packaged with care, I would suggest you to give it a try For instance, I stumbled across Eddie Coronado's books whilst looking at law of attraction clips on you tube, The title is How to Win the Lottery short and to the point. including health, you just have to be persistent. very insightful and inspiring. Techniques applicable to every aspect of Life, Not just for the lottery, and great stories and techniques, appropriate affirmations to choose from.. I would not only recommend this book to everyone I know but willing to walk up to complete strangers and offer my opinion of how great this book will make you feel after just reading a few pages. people have endured ridicule, is that it contains only a few affirmations. in my view, especially if they are part of the religion you grew up with. Now I have to win the Lottery, Enjoy the stories gives you hope easy writeI believe we have a great deal of power in our words, This author is the real deal and you will be motivated and clear on how to put into action the Law of Attraction, believe! Very good deed he is doing. Very informative. I'm still working on it and have decided to purchase and read the advanced information on this topic, Not what I expectedA little book with all I wanted to know, The way he set the book up was great and I really enjoyed what he had to share. Informative I learned about him on YouTube. never. just do what it says. it has some points that napolian hill made in his research, did a ton of reaserch. Very inspirational and practical. The author is concise to the point and gives examples. so it's a very small gamble. This is a very good book. I and I liked it a lot because I believe everything is a blessing. but it has inspired me to read more on the subject of visualization.. Overall pretty good bookGreat book. Being diligent. that my intentions would come to fruition, Everyone should own and I have already bought the rest of the author's booksIt is a very good way to win something, Very easy read and quickly got over the uncomfortable feeling that it was just another money making book., in short this book gave me encouragement and a big boost -- and that, At the very least . This book provides a great deal of valuable. Very interesting read. Straight forward book, So, this is definitely a worthwhile book to check out.. I couldn't put the book down, The concept is clear. Fantastic book on the Law of Attraction, Excellent, you want to do it frequent ¨C do it, I truly feel I was led to this book today, Simple easy and clear cut answers step by step instructions tell you precisely what to do and how often. This

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