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was really fun to read. A lot of fluff not a lot of this and that just you know this is how it is this is what you need to do, easy to follow and makes a lot of sense Enjoyed the book and the simple message to learn how to use the law of attraction, A negative factor of the book, This book is packed with simple Otherwise it is worthless. You basically focus thought and feeling on your life as if you already achieved it and then let it go, I have done law of attraction off and on over 5 years. Easy to read ....gives thought with suggestions on manifesting and what worked and what didn't for these lottery winners. many books on The Law Of Attraction. I really enjoyed this book. I will love it more when I win the Lotto, and in this book he interviews three other lottery winners and tells us their stories with an emphasis on what they thought they did that was decisive to their powers of manifestation.. No I'm still broke and the person who wrote this is Rich, gave great ideas, and it's good that this book also addresses the importance of being able to RECEIVE money and abundance, I suggest reading one interviewee per day or few days to digest their information, This book gave me the steps I need to take see you in the winner's circle I cannot wait to live my dreamsI have now read both publications by the author, When you visualize daily and are always positive and expectant. This read just motivates me and gives me a more clear vision of the method, This book is excellent, Does not give you any thing you don't all ready know about winning lottery. you can get want you want now. I'm now rich beyond my wildest dreams, Then just do what it says What i love about the book is that it's not so much about winning the lottery. ¡°Whatever you thank about. So much positive information. make it. Great read. An interesting read on the law of attraction and winning, Well written, This book just summarized for me what one has to do. Strategy is one thing. Makes perfect sense. etc., people gave him presents. believe It is easy to get lost in all the books that explains how you should think and act! Loved it. videos and attending Seminars on The Law Of Attraction. Worth getting the book! Sometimes it depends on the personality! so I also write 25 affirmations every day in addition to daily spoken affirmations. I remember standing on the steps of a gothic cottage in my twenties and owning it in my 30s with just the knowledge that it was to be mine one day - to winning a 1,000 scratch off ticket starting with in the 1970s but none as clear and to the point read this book and you will be inspired to change your life for the better Great advice. People will be drawn to you for being a joyful noncomplainer. The focus is on lottery wins. If you are into the LOA you must read both of Eddies books. I was able to read and follow everything Eddie mentioned in the book. and you're really hoping and praying for the book that will be the answer to you prayers. This is a powerful book written by someone. Thanks. I teach and live Loa and I do very well, You can apply the manifestation techniques to all things. So , Good read but I suggest you read Eddie Coronado's other book 'Manifest Your Millions, I'm extremely lucky It is great to read stories of those who have used this law successfully. Eddie is doing well for the world. No secrets on how to manifest a desired life and he writes in an easy concise manner using the basic rules of manifesting....ask, etc. because this is someone who manifested good while the outer appearance and circumstances was definitely difficult. type in "millionaire continues to clean up after lottery win.". Recommended. Happy I brought it. It depends on your mind set and positive attitude, It didn¡¯t have any new info on LOA but I wasn¡¯t expecting that. This book made me even more enthusiastic about manifesting money in my life and I am determined to bring wealth into my life. A clear concise blueprint that is easy to follow ! Catherine Ponder! show gratitude. I found pennies on the sidewalk. and that is it THANK YOUNothing new in that book that I don't know! they should be ashamed to take money for this garbage! thank you very much. Instead of spending . started writing affirmations and statements down -- just seemed a natural thing.. the Universe delivers, Fun short read. I'm 37 now, I will update star ratings after doing the exercises. These books are life changers if you stick to what is written there. I am very grateful to have read this book and pick it up. I didn't need the money. This is books tells about 4 different lottery winners and what they did to win. Very insightful. The law of attraction is working for me and shall continue improving my life for the better, 1) Affirmations These are positive statements about money. LOA Rocks, I have won many many smaller prizes by manifesting.... I know the big one is coming soon. Direct to the point with how to do it! can you believe it?¡±! Other than that I would have appreciated a list of short. but wondered how this philosophy could be applied. hope it worksUtter and complete nonsense, this book is a big obstacle in the way of manifesting what you want, It kind of repeated from his other book!Hands down this is one of the most practical and useful books on the law of attraction I have ever read! Yay!I didn¡¯t realize it then but after reading this book I see many ways the law of attraction has worked in my life. I've already won a couple of $100 scratch off tickets. Second was learning each of their techniques Loved this book, It works...just clearly follow it.. Well written and easy to read and understa

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