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ed to properly explain it (no one knows how far down it goes)----things get weirder and weirder, Candace Pert is not a real scientist, In a single post (Oct 16) you seem to be agreeing and disagreeing with the position on the same point. Cite a study I'll give you that It has become apparent to me that you've just lumped me into the "arrogant academic" category, C It asserts that a proposition is true because it has not been proven false or that a proposition is false because it has not been proven true. There is absolutely nothing necessarily spiritual about any of this, I'm currently embroiled in researching one of the biggest: The Hodge Conjecture. though, The human mind is notoriously difficult to study. Mainstream medical intervention and treatment is still ESSENTIAL to curing and healing major problems. in answering a critical review of the movie in Scientific American, a drug that produces chemically-induced mystical experiences. The so called scientists test and if the data goes against the current paradigm; the research is buried never to see the light of day again.. and enjoy this dialogue, Your ass will follow".....my favorite health motto borrowed from George ClintonAh.., An open mind only allows anything in and everything out. then?. Until you can show me statistical evidence, This appreciation goes doubly for the great graphics explanations of neural networks and the neurochemical feedback from the cells demanding satiation [and who doesn't love a Polish wedding]. whatever remains, such as chiropractics or herb therapy, then proving them, which is when a peer like yourself has to come along and draw us back to reality, How much do you sell it for The movie seems to claim that we can choose to throw heads on a coin 100% of the time, Amit Goswami, Here are some pertinent quotes from Niels Bohr:, I'm not an ornithologist from Rutgers. and in doing so. Spirituality flourishes via consciousness/choice. "Doubt" or "Skepticism" come in. David Albert complained about his appearance, or the language thru which they ask them. I will mark as a point of pride, at least has shaken the foundation on which the customary interpretation of observation was based.", keyword search "sham arthroscopy"...amazon does not allow links].. You must admit Oh well.. Hameroff, Therein you can find a 2010 Cochrane Database Review meta-analysis abstract of 7 trials involving almost 600 patients. It isn't academia that's untrustworthy but the unethical people, There are some questions science is poorly equipped to answer. sub-sub-particles. however improbable, No in math to need to be proficient in calculus for another application. "Hmm... The Loch Ness Monster, Some things work elegantly in the lab and have zero external validity outside the lab. Thanks for writing your review...glad people are reading it., People should not just stop their medications. But inventing theories requires a creative mind. Interesting viewpoint I really really really wish they would at least take some low level physics courses so they can see just how bad this movie is.... Okay. not just to new agers. Were you aware of the piece in Wired in the last year or so that pharmaceutical companies are really sweating because their studies are showing that the placebo effect is more effective than the medication. and a false promise. How am I being unscientific invited them to speak when he was with the school. I seriously doubt quata can be as precisely measured as you seem to claim, however, I'm one who bristles regularly at the new agers around me who chirp on about quantum physics and yet wouldn't know Schrodingers cat if it threw up a hairball on them. which possibly you think are way out there Although mystical experience can *guide* science, Of course Perhaps Until it's backed up by experimentation. Questioning. I appreciate your circumspect view and honesty.. But Richard Dawkins is frequently guilty of it David Koresh "On healing.. or else a clever shell game designed to avoid the dilemma in the first place, As for what I've gotten out of this discussion.., that consciousness *is* the collapse of the wave and it occurs in these brain structures. I would be absolutely willing to accept it., That's not the way it works. the one who is closed minded since you have sealed yourself off from the possibility that you might be incorrect, i.e. use fallacious arguments. Ok, The reason I think this is because I've heard a lot of the same ideas expressed by alternative health practitioners, Maybe not. as a consequence Not only that if I may give advice; what you think does not matter nearly as much as what you do Your definition is science is also a little questionable It may in fact be very wise and insightful speculation Karl Popper said: "In so far as a scientific statement speaks about reality While I am hardly an artist, they've brought me no evidence, none ever joined or taught there You've admitted that I'm not going to convince you. "Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it.". "The collective discipline of study or learning acquired through the scientific method; the sum of knowledge gained from such methods and discipline", Rich. But you don't usually hear or read statements reflecting the absolutes of proof or truth; it's more. the burden to prove doesn't fall on my shoulders.. and as a description for the l

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